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Thread: EOI and family members

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    Default EOI and family members

    I am reading through the EOI questions, waiting on my pre-assessment results to come back.

    Question N3 relates to other family members. I understand you get points for close family in NZ, which is not the case with us. But it looks like the application wants you to fill this in anyway. "biological, adoptive and step-parents, siblings and children."

    I understand about the children, but do they really want to know about both sets (me and partner) of parents and siblings? Even if they don't live in NZ? Seems kind of extraneous to be talking about my retired, elderly parents who might not even visit NZ (their loss). But I'll fill in the blanks if that's what they want.

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    Default Re: EOI and family members


    Providing those details just builds a profile for NZIS, so if they feel the need to investigate your application further they can check your family background etc. It also serves for the future where you may want to sponsor your parents to move over, even if they don't want to right now!

    In any case, you should fill it in else it will only delay your application if they think you're hiding something!

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