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Thread: Job offer for Partner

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    Default Job offer for Partner

    Our EOI was selected from the pool in August,2006 with 130 points . I am the main applicant, but my partner just got a job offer in NZ. Does anybody know if it will expedite the processing time of our case in London when we submit this info to the office?
    Thank you, :)

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    Default Re: Job offer for Partner

    Hi Alex,

    to our rather battered and war-torn forum. ?With a bit of luck we're almost getting back on track now and I hope you'll find some helpful information on here, even though it's a case of picking your way through some rather messy older posts from our previous forum. Hopefully, given time, I'll be editing all the rubbish out so the forum will be much easier to negotiate. ? ?

    On to your query, I believe you may be able to get extra points for your partner's job offer which could bring you up to 140 points. ?If you have 140 points you could well be fast-tracked so if I were you I'd get in touch with NZIS and inform them of the change of situation and see what they say. ?It could all depend on what type of job your partner has been offered, but it certainly doesn't hurt to try.

    Of course, this is all assuming that you and your partner have complied with the de facto relationship rules, which are quite strict, and that your partner is part of your application.

    Good luck. ? [smiley=023.gif]
    Mother Bear

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    Default Re: Job offer for Partner

    :) I think it will. If you can fax the details over to the New Zealand Immigration, find the details on their website it should speed things up. I have a job offer and that was the information I was given. Good luck, let us know if it helps.

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