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Thread: Yet another EOI / ITA Question

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    Default Yet another EOI / ITA Question

    I havent been able to get a definitive answer from NZIS, so I thought I'd post my question here.

    I have had my EOI selected, and about 2 weeks later received a letter saying that my details had been forwarded to London.

    I rang up London to ask if my EOI had been succesful, and they said yes, I then inquired whether I would receive an ITA. They asked if I had a job offer to which I replied no. In that case she said I would just join the queue.

    I had originally assumed that the EOI if succesful was shortly followed by the ITA being sent out. Then the delays were normally on the ITA being in a queue for consideration.

    Is this now different. ie Do you have to go in a queue to receive the ITA, and then another queue for it to work through the system. It does seem to be a bit of a pointless exercise not being sent the ITA, because it can a long time to gather all the info required to complete it.



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    Default Yet another EOI / ITA Question

    We got our ITA about 3 weeks after we had a decision sucessful.

    There is nothing stopping you collecting your information now - send off for your police checks now as they can take a while to come back.

    You can download a copy of the manual that they send you to help you complete your ITA from the NZIS website.

    btw the ITA is just a printout of your EOI - you check that everything is correct (somehow I had put down I was born in Greece not Great Britain). The rest of the ITA is purely the paper work that you gather together.

    You will need
    birth certifcates for everyone
    marriage certificate
    proof of relationship - eg utility bills/ joint bank account statements/mortgage statement.
    proof of work experience - payslips on there own are not enough - ask your employer if they will give you a letter confirming your employment (tell them it is to remortgage the house) . Because the last 3 companies I worked for are no longer trading, I enclosed a copy of my NI contributions and some certificates for the professional development courses I did
    All your certificates for qualifications that you are claiming points for.

    photocopy everything, you need to send either the originals plus a copy or notorised copies. If sending originals keep a copy for yourself just in case

    book your medicals - there is often a wait

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    Default Yet another EOI / ITA Question

    yes in the same boat,keep checking our on line status and still showing selected but no ita.
    thanks for the check list moggy

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