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Thread: A thought triggering discovery

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    Default A thought triggering discovery

    Just running through the SMC points indicator again and noticed it's changed a bit. One of the identified future growth areas is 'advertising'. I work in marketing with is basically geared around advertising. Could I claim points for that?

    Also if you click on the 'clusters' link for wellington creative manufacturing, it takes you to the positively wellington website which doesn't have a list of companies that might be associated with this cluster. Seems all a bit vague, which could eb a good thing. If it's a manufacturing company based in or around Wellington, then it may well fall under this cluster. Meaning I could claim yet more points.

    That being said t would only move me from 105 to a 125 by the time I've taken experience and job offer into account but, it's still good right?

    What do folks think? I thought as we're not talking major points claiming, I should just wang it in claiming the points and if they downgrade it back to 105 points so be it, it would still be ok wouldn't it?

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    Default A thought triggering discovery

    hi stevey ,
    we had a situ where we considered claiming 10 points for allys diplomer
    as the first pop said that diplomers were point worthy ,the next pop up said diplomers in design neededto be highers so no points .
    we thought if we only opened the first ,an easy mistake
    but decided against it as when submiting the EOI theres a part that says they will pull your EOI if you have miss led , so we botteled it

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