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    My husband and I recently sent our EOI application in and were denied. We had assumed we had too many points by using the online calculator and were a bit confused on allotting points for work experience/qualifications. My husband has been in the IT industry for over 10 years and holds a management position along with owning his own company as well. He does not have a college degree, but does have much work experience and various certifications. He also has the qualifications in the skills/future jobs areas. If we plan on moving to New Zealand in 1-2 years, what would be the next best step for us, seeing as we did not qualify. Should my husband try to get a degree? It just seems so silly since it would really not benefit him. Do you think NZ would give points for his certifications? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, since we live in NYC, does anyone advise visiting the New Zealand Embassy for addt'l help?

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    Default IT Certifications


    Quite a few people have found themselves in a similar position as your husband. They have a lot of experience but no qualifications or the wrong sort of quals to grab those all-important points. One simple way around it is to go to NZ on visitor?s visas, look for work there and, when a job offer comes up, apply for a Work Permit. Once the WP is safely in hand you can then progress on to apply for PR.

    This advice applies at the moment, but it?s good to bear in mind that NZIS is currently reviewing its immigration policies so there could be sweeping changes in the next couple of years. It would be best to keep an eye on the NZIS site nearer the time you are thinking of going, so you can note any significant changes.
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    Default IT Certifications


    I was in the same position, I have Microsoft, Cisco, Citrix, Checkpoint certs, etc, but they dont count for points.

    In the end I did a one year distance learning HNC, via EDEXCEL accredited company RDI.

    This gave me 50 points, which is the same as a Degree!



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    Default IT Certifications

    Just a quick question - does your husband hold any qualifications that are post compulsory education, but not necessarily in IT. I ask because my husband also has numerous years work experience in IT, but no relevant qualifications - however managed to get the needed 50 points for an engineering qualification he did following school. Although its not related to his work experience, it still counts as having a tertiary qualification and so gives you 50 points.



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