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    Default City and Guilds

    Hi everyone

    Me again :icon_wink:

    I have a Level 2 and Level 3 City & Guilds Qaulification in Web Design, I don't think NZIS see this as a recognised qaulification with NZQA.

    I've look on the NZQA website which is very confusing,

    How would i be able to find out if this qualification would be acceptable, or would anyone know if it is

    Many Thanks


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    Default City and Guilds

    Hmmm I agree on the NZQA being confusing. Don't think I can help on this one. I've got a few quals that might be owrth something if I go through the hassle of getting them assessed. I just don't want to tho, cos of the process being expensive and tedious it seems.

    That's why I need job offer instead.

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    Default City and Guilds

    yes the quals thing seems to be a bit of a mine field,on the quick point indicator they say 10 bonus point for partner basic other half has o and a levels and even national diplomer in graphic design,but that dont count as a "basic qualification"which is a shame as it would have been the only time it would have been any use to Ally(her words not mine)

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