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    I am really hoping that somebody may be able to help or tell me I am missing something.

    I have a good job and 25 years experience in financial services. I have no formal qualifications, (my wife has a law degree) but does not work.

    A job offer would get me too 100 points.

    Is there any point doing anything before I have a job offer, ie would an EOI be a waste of time.

    I am going to NZ in April job hunting, but am sending emails of now.

    If a large employer offers me a job the process of EOI/ITA then notice period could take months, and as an employer now it would scare me off.

    Hope someone has some ideas thanks

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    Until you have a job offer you cannot submit an EOI as you will not have enough points to do it.

    If you have a job offer, then your application will be fast tracked. If your employer wishes you start work prior to you having PR, then all they need to do is to apply for a work permit for you, which will take no more than 5 days to come through.

    Hope that helps

    and welcome to the site

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