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Thread: Renting out property

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    Default Renting out property

    Currently I live in the U.S. and work as a Engineering Computer Tech, but I also rent out properties, I wondered if I bought a home and or land and leased it if that would apply as a job or business?

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    Default Renting out property


    In short, no. It certainly wouldn't qualify as a job, and would be very sketchy on the business front. Terms of getting a visa to start a business state that you now have to employ people to make it an acceptable business, plus it would also have to add to the growth of the economy in some way. I don't think buying a house and renting it will employ many people, and would have no real effect on the economy!

    If you were to buy several properties and employ some property managers, then thats a different story.

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    Default Renting out property

    Then again, if you had sufficient money to invest in the NZ economy, you could enter under the investor status. The NZIS website should have info on how much dinero they want you to bring, but I think it started at $1millionNZ a few months ago.
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