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Thread: architect needs advice

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    Default architect needs advice

    hello. i am interested in migrating to nz but my self-assessment pts for eoi is only 95. i am an architect from the philippines with 5 years of work experience with diversified job descriptiions which means i am multi-tasking (technical and admin works). i couldn't seem to get to first base in applying jobs through the internet because all agencies & employers prefer those who have work visas. i got in touch with aerb (architects' education & regulation board) but they advised me that they do not recognize my 5-yr course in my country. i have explored the option of studying but the expenses are too high. i'd really much prefer to have work rather than study. as i have previously inquired about newjobz, the responses were not really encouraging to go through with them. that's a summary of my situation right now. i hope some members would advise me on how to increase my points for eoi. thanks in advance. :icon_biggrin:

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    Default architect needs advice

    Terepikit, have you thought about having your professional qualifications assessed by NZQA? They will inform you whether your qualifications are acceptable in NZ.
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    Default architect needs advice

    was about to have my qualifications assessed by nzqa but i was advised by my friend that it is not needed anymore, because my alma mater is included in the list of recognized qualifications. however, the aerb does not recognized my degree earned from my country.

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    Default architect needs advice


    You should get your degree assessed by NZQA if it is not being recognised. It's important to have all your qualifications in order as it may affect linked qualifications in your application.

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