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    Default skilled migrants

    Hello all,

    I am interested in moving to New Zealand, I am interested in emigrating using the skilled trades route. However, I am unsure if I will qualify, so, I am wondering if anybody can answer the following.

    I am a General Plumber, I have been working in the business for just over 6 years, I do not have any formal qualifications, I have been trained on the job as such. I am multi skilled and I have a job offer with a company in NZ.

    I suppose the question is:

    Even though I do not have the formal qualifications, will the NZ government recognise my experience and allow me to emigrate, if so I meet all the other criteria.

    Hope that someone can help



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    Default skilled migrants

    I would be surprised if they recognised it without formal qualifications, as it is work only counts if it is related to your qualifications, however you may be able to go down the Work to residency route.

    sorry if I recommend the obvious, but check out the official site

    You can also fill out your EOI online, this will be worth doing as it will give you an exact idea of how many points you have, before you pay your money and submit it.

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    Default skilled migrants

    Hi Nigel, welcome to the forum.

    If you already have a job offer with a NZ company, are they going to apply a work permit for you? If that is so, you can start with a work permit and move your way to residency.


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    Default skilled migrants

    Hi Nigel.
    you will not qualify under SMC for plumbing if you do not hold any recognised qualifications.You will need C&G advanced to level 4 or NVQ to equivalent.
    This does not rule you out from working in NZ within the plumbing trade however.
    You may work within the trade under a Limited License.

    If you hold qualifications which will be recognised by the PGDB , then you may come in under the SMC umbrella , hold a limited license until you pass your registratione exams and work for any company who has a craftsman plumber who can sign off your work.

    If you do not hold such quals , then you may still come into NZ , if you have the points and work at the trade under a Limited license [ once you have job offer ] to have all your work signed off by a craftsman plumber [ as a go-fer or labourer ] BUT your employer needs to gain an approval in principle from NZIS because you will not be coming in under the SMC umbrella.
    Approval in principle = the employer has to prove no kiwi is able or available to take that job.

    to meet the requirements as a qualified plumber and/or gasfitter you must hold the proper quals.

    4 / 5 years at C&G to advanced with apprenticeship plus relevant work exp
    NVQ similar to level 4.

    for gasfitting this must include timely ACS and CORGI reg.

    Following this the PGDB of NZ will recognise those quals only to a certain level, despite the fact they are to degree standard.

    You will still need to sit their registration exams and pass a practical assessment of workmanship.

    If they do not recognise your quals. they will wish you to go through an NZ apprenticeship, although you may gain extra credits for past quals and exp.
    You will need to gain the National Certificate to be allowed to sit the registration exams to become a qualified plumber.

    Clear as mud I expect.

    It is our specialist subject.

    Please feel free to PM me on this subject.

    you may still come into NZ with a job offer in this area, without recognised quals. What the emplyer MUST do however , is to prove the case that there is no other Kiwi to take up this job.
    If this does not happen, then it is illegal.

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    Default skilled migrants

    Great first post Bevs. Welcome to the forum! :smiley20:
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Default skilled migrants

    Thanks Mother Bear. :icon_biggrin:

    Nigel -

    A further thought.

    Depending on when you wish to come to NZ, you could consider taking your NVQs to level 4 whilst still in Blighty.
    As you are familiar with UK plumbing and have extensive work experience, I would imagine you would stonk through the assignments with no trouble.
    This could be easier for you than working your way through NZ assignments, block course work and practical tests here in NZ to gain the National Certificate.
    It might also be less expensive and less time consuming.

    If you would be interested in sitting for your National Certificate here, please note that you can only arrange this through an NZ employer.
    The most popular ITO [training organisation] is the Open Poly. You would have assignment work, on-going work experience through your employment, and go for block course work at either Wellington, Hamilton, Auckland or Christchurch.

    Please don't now feel despondant and think you cannot emigrate.

    If you can gain enough points on your EOI [expression of interest] to be selected for ITA [invitation to apply] , then you can come to NZ.

    With the points at around 140, I would suggest you find yourself a job with an acredited employer or find yourself work where the NZ employer can apply for approval in principle . The employer needs to prove that there is no Kiwi to take that job .

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