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Thread: qualifications: recognized vs. ??

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    Default qualifications: recognized vs. ??

    Hello & Happy Holidays 8-) everyone,

    What a great forum - will be thrilling to live one day among you nice people.

    I was lurking around here and reading for a few days before this 1st post (hope it's in the right forum category):

    Checking ?(ticking? - UK/NZ) "yes" in the recognised post-graduate qualification field will make the whole lot difference for me ?- make or break - ~130-135 or 70points.

    However, I was surprised by the seemingly next to random lobbying picks in the List of recognised ... and especailly that the country I took my PhD from - Sweden (with quite good education standards and some of the oldest Univ.s in the world) - is not even noted in the List of recognised qualifications.

    How do I go about to claim the post-graduate qualifications points ?- when country(-ies) of degree(s) is(are) not in the List of recognised qualifications? ?

    Do I need some kind of application to/assessment from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA)?

    Is it a good time to apply (EOI) now when the cap was just closed or better wait till Feb?

    Thank you very much for your time and comments!



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    Default qualifications: recognized vs. ??


    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm suprised somewhere like Sweden isn't in the list, but these lists usually represent recipricol agreements between countries. Sweden probably don't consider NZ degrees of a high enough standard, so NZ will exclude them by default.

    Looks like you will most likely have to get an assessment by the NZQA to gain those extra points.

    When to submit the EOI is a tough one. Either people will be piling them in now ready for the first pick, or people will be holding off until the process starts up again. I think with the recent changes in policy, NZIS will be underwhelmed with applications, so it wont matter too much when you submit yours. The time between now and reopening the EOI selections is also meant to be for clearing backlog, so new applications from the first pick should be dealt with a little more swiftly.

    The short answer is - if you feel inspired to submit it, then just submit it!

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default qualifications: recognized vs. ??

    Thank you Taffy - for answering & your welcome.

    Is there some standard application form for an NZQA assessment to be filed before EOI? or it's something they'd require/do during the processing period after EOI. Thanks. L.

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