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Thread: Translating Qualifications?

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    Default Translating Qualifications?

    Hi again! We're planning on emigrating from the US when I finish college (in 3 years, sigh). In America, I will have a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry. What does this mean in New Zealand? What's a National Certificate or Diploma? I know who to talk to in the industry, and even in the immigration office - I just want to be able to talk [i:b9fb60308f]sensibly[/i:b9fb60308f].



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    Default Translating Qualifications?


    A BSc would be the same thing here, but it would have to be assessed by NZQA I expect. All depends on which university you got it from etc etc.

    Know what you mean about NZIS.. I phoned them to ask whether a certain job was good enough for a residency application, and she said 'I dont know, I dont really understand it all, but you can try it and find out' .... Yeah, give me the $365 odd it costs for the EOI and i'll give it a bash!


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    Default Translating Qualifications?

    Hi Phantasm
    When you complete your EOI for submission on line there is a drop down menue with all the options for qualifications. You will have a degree or equivalent. for EOI purposes you don't need to have this assessed but if your EOI is approved and you are then invited to apply, NZQA will have to assess your qualification, in which case you need to send it to them for assessment and (pay them money to tell you what qualification you have!) they will give you a reference number, which you need for your ITA. I had to go through this myself as my qualification is from a university in Italy and on top of that I needed to have the certificate translated from Italian into English.... frustrating, as I am a translator myself!! Good luck with it though ::):

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    Default Translating Qualifications?


    do I understand correctly? You will send your EOI and only after ITA you will have your qualifications translated and assessed? (suppose they are not on the list of recoqnized qualifications)?

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