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Thread: Is my job in a 'Future Growth Area'?

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    Default Is my job in a 'Future Growth Area'?

    If you need to know if your offer of employment is in a Future Growth Area, then you can ask here!

    The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one.

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    Default Is my job in a 'Future Growth Area'?

    Hi Taffy
    I think my job is in a future growth area - creative industries - fashion design and buying? I'm filling out my EOI as if it is, but am a little worried that when it comes to awarding points it won't be...!
    Also I'm claiming points for 10 years of skilled employment in this area, but one of the companies I worked for has gone into receivership and is no more....this means that the assessors cannot contact anyone at the co. to verify my employment history. Do you think that they would accept the word of my manager as I am still in touch with him?
    Thank you

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    Default References

    Hi Jento,

    I am using an immigration agent and when I asked the same question they advised that your old line manager could provide a reference but it would have to be on the headed stationary of the company they are now working for.

    If his new company is in the same industry then all the better.

    My wife is a garment technologist and we were informed that there has been a lot of growth over the last 10 years in fashion so you may be in luck.


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