Facebook users beware
By Alice Neville
4:00 AM Sunday Nov 29, 2009

Facebook users have been warned they will be among targets of a huge increase in cyber crime next year.

Internet scammers are increasingly hacking into personal profiles on social networking sites to defraud the account holder's friends, said one expert.

David Hall, from internet security company Symantec, said most people were wise to email scams but could let their guard down if the con appeared to come from someone they knew.

"They're preying on trust, and that's going to grow a lot more in 2010. It's a lot more effective than just sending out spam."

Aucklander Ella Wilks, 24, had her Facebook profile hacked into this month.

Under Wilks' name, the hacker contacted her friends with a link and a message telling them to check out a video of them she had found.

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