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    Good Afternoon All,

    As you know there was a national disaster in Samoa this week, when it was struck by a tsunami generated by an earthquake 200km of its coast. If you have seen the news or read the daily papers you may well have seen the images showing the devastation. My girlfriend Katherine is Samoan and she has family/friends in Samoa. Relatives of her father have all been accounted for, unfortunately the same cannot be said for her mothers relatives, no news has yet been received of their safety.

    Throughout the news and paper articles there was very little information on how you can help, so I figured I would do my bit. I have set up a donation page through Give A Little, which will enable you to send donations through to the New Zealand Red Cross who in turn will send these funds directly to the people of Samoa to help them rebuild their lives.

    My idea “Donate A Coffee” means even if you give as little as the cost of cup of coffee it will still help, a tent to shelter a family who has lost their home costs a $100, so twenty five cups of coffee and we have shelter for a family!

    Thank you in advance for your help and support.

    Kind Regards,


    p.s. Please pass on to your freinds/family/colleagues, many thanks!

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    Hi Paul,

    I don't have a problem helping people (even with cash) however what I do have problem with is that fundraising is (often) misused for profit business. I've read a research report recently that 1/2 of money raised with red cross and similar organisations goes directly to fund organisations themselves. It is not the problem of giving away a cup of coffee (or even buying a machine for making it) if you know what I mean.

    I see that bank also charges 2,6% credit card fee what I find unacceptable for charity. I agree it is not a lot, but it is the principle of it. Making money out of somebody elses misfortune!

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