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    Default 6 months...

    Heres a little email I sent to the folks back in the UK to let them now how I'm getting on and thought I'd share it with you all...

    I remember as a kid that the summer holidays felt like an eternity, six long weeks of glorious summer days (I seem to remember the summers being better weather back then) and the excitement of not knowing how we would fill the days. As the years have passed me by, the speed in which the hands of time spin has definitely increased. On Sunday 20th September, the six months mark passed by, since I got off that plane at Auckland airport to start a new adventure, yes people, that was six months ago! Has a month suddenly turned into a week and the calendar now consists of twelve weeks rather than twelve months?

    It has certainly been an interesting six months, a tad stressful at times but overall I would say the transition has gone as smoothly as I could have asked for. As you know the first week certainly wasnít the best way to start a new life in a new country, but thereafter life has been on the up and up. Once again and Iím sure this will not be the last time, I have to give thanks and an enormous amount of gratitude to Andy and Lyndsey for taking me in and helping me get on my feet. To have their support during those first few weeks when I was wondering what the hell I had done in leaving a great life in the UK behind, is one of the main reasons I am still here after six months. With their home to call my own, I was able to focus on finding this job, which ultimately has lead me to getting settled down here in New Zealand. Thank you Andy and Lyndsey.

    The timing of my departure wasnít the best as far as the seasons were concerned. Just as I left the UK it was starting to get a little lighter and warmer, whilst down here it was starting to get darker and colder. Well it was supposed to be anyhow, as I was leaving Spring behind to head into Autumn, however the first few weeks here were glorious, better weather than Iíd experienced for many a British summer. It has been a pretty mild Winter by all accounts, all the same, Iím tired of autumn and winter now and really looking forward to my first Spring and Summer down here. Donít think itíll be too long before the smell of bbq fills the air, the sun tan lotion is being applied just to go get a newspaper (due to the lack of ozone over NZ the sun is really harsh and within half an hour you can burnt pretty badly) and the kiwi attire of shorts and jandles (flip flops) are the dress of choice.

    Working life is going pretty well, settled into life at Cubic and slowly sorting out some of the project issues...will I ever escape working on projects? In the past I think Iíve been more than spoilt with the people Iíve had the pleasure of working with. Work colleagues from Jag/Yazaki/Alstom days are today some of my closest friends, alas I canít see that luck continuing. Donít get me wrong, the people Iím working with are fine but my god Iím missing the daily banter. The good old days Woolfie and I used to share at Yazaki, the double entendres swapped with the crew at Alstom, Iím sorry to say are missing from my daily routine and Iím missing it....a lot! Maybe itís the mix of nationalities, work ethic, cultures, Iím really not sure, but for sure it seems people forget to laugh and smile when they come to this place. Alas itís a job, Iím earning dosh to help me get set up and itís more experience to add to the CV. Had my first annual review with the boss last week and the ďexceeds expectationsĒ box was ticked in most categories, so full time job offer is hopefully on the cards as well as a tidy little pay increase (which is not bad in this day and age).

    Oh the tank is getting WOFíd next week, the WOF being Warrant of Fitness which is similar to the MOT but not quite as stringent. Having paid a fortune to get my little Ka through the last few MOTís, Iím hoping the car passes the WOF fairly pain free. As long as it passes and gets me through this next few months thatíll be all good and hopefully trade it in early next year for something a little more economical, no funnily enough a 2.4ltr tank isnít the most economical of automobiles (not my brightest purchase but I had got fed up with car hunting and ended up getting the next car I looked at, you know Iím not that bothered when it comes to cars) J I do have to apply for my kiwi driving licence soon, my British one can only be used for 12 months down here but I think with a little more experience I can become just as bad as the other drivers down here ha ha ha

    Now Iím sure there was something else I was supposed to tell you about, wracking my brains as to what it was....oh yeah thatís right, the old love life is ticking along quite nicely. I filled you in before how I met the lovely Katherine and Iím pleased to report that itís coming up to four months since we first...held hands :) You'll be pleased to know that we're laughing and joking a lot (other details will have to be for another time as this is a family email :) and some of the time it's not at my expense. I thought I was sharp, but I am a mere apprentice compared to Ms McFalls wit and think I need to raise my game. We do seem to be the only ones messing around when we're out together but we have taken it upon ourselves to make Aucklanders smile and we do pretty well when folk see us walking along together :) Katherine has been in the wars though, poor sod got attacked by a coffee grinder whilst at work last week and lost the top of her right index finger...she is on the mend but the sad news is she will never be able to play guitar as well as she did before the accident. All seriousness, it was awful and it'll be a while before she is able to go back to work, but along with all the other great stuff which has sent me head of heals for Kat, she is a tough cookie and taking it like a good 'un...proud of you baby x

    So I think that is you all caught up with events down here. It certainly is starting to feel like home and I'm sure it'll only get more so as Father Time continues to tick on. Oh and if you're thinking about heading down here for the World Cup in 2011, you had better start saving, the group matches are $80 but the quarter finals onwards are...wait for it...$800 and the final is something even more stupid. But hey if you fancy coming down just let me know, I'm sure I we can find a pub somewhere to watch the matches and place for you to pitch a tent (would be great to see you).

    Hope you are all well and look forward to hearing from you soon.



    p.s Heres a little poem I wrote for Kat which I'm sure she won't mind me sharing with you...

    The Artist

    Nothing but the sound of her whispered thoughts echo,

    Eyes deciphering brush strokes my only motion,

    A bench in a room we share for the very first time,

    Surrounded by the passion of ones who sat here once

    I listen intently as Iím told of those she loves,

    These lovers the ones which ignite her burning desire,

    Fuelling the creative forces which lie dormant within,

    Until released through the medium of her choice,

    Iím sitting next to one who could easily inspire,

    As those who are capturing our senses as we sit,

    A sense of pride passes through me as I sit and listen,

    To a woman whoís love the world is still to see.

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    Thanks for sharing a fresh breath of inspration...I hope the smiles and laughs continue for you and stick too others around...we all know life is short, enjoy every second of it

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