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Thread: Ello from Glasgow, Scotland

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    Default Ello from Glasgow, Scotland

    Hi all
    just to let yous know that myself and family made it back safe and sound.

    Sleep pattern is all over the place though, but sure it will sort out soon enough.

    We have been loving having all the food that we missed, and sure to pile on some extra pounds, but hey its fun

    Great to see family again.
    Shock with Colins dad though, he is so frail and changed drastically from the way we saw him last, a year and half ago.
    Nurses reckon he can go home on tuesday, he will get nurses out everyday etc. He seemed so pleased at that, the wee soul
    Im glad we got back in time to see him again. He was so chuffed, and recognised us ok. Telling all the nurses about this is my family from NZ (bless)

    We are getting there slowly but surely with all the reapplying for things again, and our bank had been all totally revamped which was an nice surprise.

    Its funny hearing all the Glaswegian accents again. And seeing all the changes to housing etc
    A lot of it is looking great now. Im sure we will get not a bad wee council house ok

    There is things i miss , we made some good friends out there, and felt rather sad saying goodbye to Lucy and Jon, though i do reckon we will all catch up again at some point

    Colins workmate Russ ran us into airport. We will miss him and Fran too, though they are talking of coming to bonny Scotland next year, as Fran is English and has never been to Scotland, and Russ is Kiwi and fancied sound of Scotland. We hope they do
    Anyway at Chch airport we checked in about 3 hrs early
    When we checked in, the lady said "your that family, hubby lost job, probs with immigration" I nodded, face scarlet, as wasnt sure what she was meaning. I was panicking thinking immi are going to appear or something, as she had been on phone for about 10 mins previuosly, after checking our passports
    Anyway to our total shock, she said after putting your bags through, go upstrairs to Koro lounge, we are taking care of you
    When you get to Auckland, we are doing same there too
    I was so wasted
    I just thought that was so lovely of Air NZ

    We wandered into the lounge, with jeans, trainers, comfy hoodies ,and it was sooo funny
    All the men in suits just stopped typing on laptops and stared at us
    Colin swore he saw the tumble weeds roll by
    I honestly think they expected security to grab us and hustle us bunch out of there
    We had such a giggle. We had a last wee macs gold, gonna miss that
    and then a couple wee vodkas. Even sneaked Nicole a wee bourbon and coke
    Food was fantastic. Wee Colin ate the biggest plate of pickled cabbage, i thought hows that gonna hold in a 30 hour flight .(it was fine ..phew)
    When we got off at auckland, we didnt realise how huge an airport that was.
    We got lost. We then found the wee bus, got to our next gate, but by then too late to take up Air NZ next kind offer, as we almost boarded plane straight away.
    Still we loved our 3 hrs at chch, and reckon that was genoursity enough of Air NZ

    Flight were long, though the aircrafts were much comfier than the ones we had going.
    When we got to Glasgow, it was weird feeling the heat, as we had left baltic Chch
    Nicole was glad to catch up with the boyfriend again, she is heading into Glasgow town today again. She is really happy
    Wee Colins loving it playing with andrews x box

    Well sometimes i think, yip we should go back
    Other times i think, no way am i going through 30 hrs in a plane again

    Have to see how things work out now
    Im going to enrol in a computer class, my sis in law has done a 10 month course and reckons i could do it easy peasy
    Might need your help Jon and Lucy ;) Though have Andrew to help me again, he is good with computers too
    He fixed Mine and Nicoles laptops for us last night
    Months they were broke in NZ too

    Well i think thats about all for now, early days for us, but im actually ok to be back.
    And we have no regrets whatsoever. we loved our experience in NZ (well last 4 months were shitty) but apart from that, im glad we did it

    Meadow and clan

    Landed in New Zealand 29th jan 2008
    Colin got job offer 21st feb
    Work Permit applied for 3rd march
    Colins work permit received friday 2nd may 2008
    Dated till jan 2010
    My work permit applied for 7th may 2008
    My work permit received 27th may 2008
    Dated till jan 2010

    Arrived back in Scotland 21st July 2009

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    Glad to hear you made it back alright :)

    Good luck settling back in and enjoying all the things you have missed ;)
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    Welcome home, meadow Glad to hear you're all ok and thumbs up to Air NZ for their treatment

    Let us know how you're going

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    Hope things fall into place for you now you're back in Scotland and trust they are treating you like the celebrities you've become in your last months in NZ.

    What a nice gesture from Air NZ. Wonder how they clocked that it was you leaving NZ. Just shows that in these often dismal times, there is still some human kindness to be found in unexpected places.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    So Pleased you all arrived home safe and well

    How did it feel on touch down? I had to laugh about the suits would loved to have seen that.

    Hope all goes well for you and please keep in touch.

    Just had a parcel come over with Cheddars Galaxy and Tetley Tea that was lovely the Cheddars lasted 2 mins

    Also fair play Air NZ bet that was fun.

    Take Care

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    So lovely to hear that you have made it home safe and sound - both Jon and I had a chuckle over wee Colin eating pickled cabbage (of all things to eat eh?).

    Missing you all, but good to hear that you're OK and enjoying catching up with your family.

    We'll catch up soon, and will be back soon with some computer advice etc,

    All our love,

    Lou, Jon and the kids x
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