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    Default Update from NZ..

    Soo i thought i would share an email update i sent out to friends this's all good :)

    Well itís been a while since I last sent you an update of life down here in NZ and thought it about time I filled you in on events as this last few weeks have been pretty awesome, I may go so far as to say the best Iíve had in a long while not just since Iíve been down here. I thought you might be pleased to read that life is now pretty damn good. I know what youíre thinking, what has happened this last couple of weeks which is so amazing? Well, the reason is that I have found God! Hahahahahaha, come on you know me better than that, things will never get that desperate. No, the thing is over this last few weeks, the settling down process has really kicked in and it feels like home. Please donít get me wrong, it was awesome living with Mr Dodds and Ms Best and I miss sitting down to dinner with them and chatting about the day and all the random stuff of life. Now though I have started to set up home of my own in Mt Eden (which Iíll tell you more about soon) and itís nice to have my own bed to fall into. Yes, I have bought yet another bed and although itís not in the same league as the amazing Amy, itís still a good sleep. The house Iíve moved into is being shared with Lucy and Fraser, both of whom are great housemates. Iíve been very fortunate to have lived with awesome people ever since leaving home (apart from the crazy cat lady when I first got to Rugby but hey what can you do eh) and once again I have fallen on my feet...maybe I was a cat in a previous life, will have to consult the old Dali Lama again and see what he has to say about that one. Over the next few months Iím going to be building up my collection of belongings again, not going to take me too long to surpass what I had when I left the UK, I am really looking forward to getting my kitchen stuff and cooking up a storm or two (hahaha I bought a tray for the oven last week, made up a huge try of nachos, went to put it in the oven and it wouldnít fit, what a tit eh). One thing though, itís now Winter down here and Kiwis in their wisdom thought it best not to bother with any sort of insulation or central heating, so the house is FíKIN FREEZING!!! Marco, you thought the old place was cold, it has nothing on this new abode bud. Good thing is itís only the odd occasion it gets really cold, the majority of the time itís just wet....I mean really wet, good thing I grew up in the UK and grew gills and webbed fingers

    So Mt Eden in Auckland is a small place, I guess I can compare it too Moseley Village in Brum or somewhere like Putney in London. Great little butchers, greengrocers, fantastic cafes and a couple of decent little pubs. The Cloak Room really is tiny and a great little place to have a beer or two. Fortunately, Lucy and Fraser enjoy a beer or two and introduced me to some great people in Mt Eden. Enjoyed a couple of nights with them in the Cloak Room, some great live music played in there. Daft as it sounds, Iím quite enjoying going up into the village at weekends, grabbing a coffee and sitting in the laundrette doing some writing/reading whilst waiting for my smalls to be cleaned. Nah, there isnít a washing machine in the new place but there is a dryer...donít ask, why you would have one without the other iím not sure. Oh and you know how I like my cakes and ice-cream, well in a little cafe called Frazers, I had a pudding called The Fix, OH MY GOD Ė hot chocolate cake, chocolate sauce, Baileys sauce and stunning vanilla ice cream, you feel quite sick after finishing it but itís a nice sicky feeling.

    You see how things are getting better eh? Well the other reason for smiling a lot this last few weeks is this amazing person who has come into my life. Let me start at the beginning. When I went for my interview at Cubic (job is going OK btw), it had gone really well and I thought Iíd treat myself to a bit of brekkie at the cafe around the corner from Cubic. I walked in and was greeted with the most amazing smile I had ever seen and you could not help but feel good. I walked up to the counter to order breakfast from the lady with the amazing smile. Unfortunately her grumpy colleague stepped in front and I was bought back to reality with a bump. Imagine if you will the old stereotype greasy spoon cook who would serve up a plate of food floating on a bed of grease with a fag sticking out of her mouth and half of yesterdays grease in her hair and youíll have a good idea of this woman who was serving me. By the time I had finished ordering breakfast the smile has disappeared and clenched fists were ready to smack yet another rude Aucklander. I sat down to wait for breakfast, looked up and there she was smiling again, the lass who had caught my attention when I first walked through the door, who was making the world a happier place whilst serving people their coffee. Once I started at Cubic, I thought Iíd pop to the cafe again and see if she was still working there and of course to complete the challenge of making the grumpiest woman in the world crack her face. Alas, the barista with the smile was there and so with the excuse of going for a coffee (stu, the coffee is great man, this place would have been great for our daily coffee run), I visited the smiling barista most days. A couple of weeks ago, I found out it was her birthday and that her name was Katherine. You know me, never one to miss an opportunity to put a few words down on paper, I took her a birthday card with a little birthday poem. I think this got her attention and later that week I asked her if she wanted to go have someone make her a coffee for a change and the rest as they say is history. We have enjoyed visiting the museums, cafes, the French Market and just enjoying each others company for a couple of weeks now. So I can say with confidence, I am happy!!!!

    Wow this is turning into a bit of a novel eh, I should probably let you get back to what you were doing. Before I go I just want to say....CONGRATULATIONS Ė To my brother and his fiancťe in bringing another Dickson into the world, welcome to the clan young Harry. I wish the very best to Ali and Neil after they got wed last month, Iím sure you have a long and happy marriage ahead of you. A big thank you to Lou for sending through the holiday photos, little Nathan is getting even more handsome, youíre going to have your hands full when the he starts attracting the ladies.

    Right then, this happy Brummie is signing off, looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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    You certainly seem to have got off to a good start, Paul. Long may it last!
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    I really enjoyed reading that post, great to hear of someone who is genuinely happy that they made the move and has no regrets

    All the very best to you Paul - hope your barista lady sticks around Keep writing her poems and you will have her hooked

    Look forward to your next update

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    Really enjoyed reading that Paul
    All the best in everything ,and as welshgirl said, keep up the poems
    You sound a nice romatic guy, and not many of them left nowadays

    Landed in New Zealand 29th jan 2008
    Colin got job offer 21st feb
    Work Permit applied for 3rd march
    Colins work permit received friday 2nd may 2008
    Dated till jan 2010
    My work permit applied for 7th may 2008
    My work permit received 27th may 2008
    Dated till jan 2010

    Arrived back in Scotland 21st July 2009

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