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Thread: New family member!

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    Default New family member!

    Hey all,

    Long time, no post!

    We are still all alive & well. Jacky has a permanent nursing poistion in Nelson Hopsical. 3 days a week, so plenty of latte time!

    Kids into netball, volleyball etc etc.

    Big news is that we gorra puppy! Roxy da Boxer. Cute or what! Even my heart melts when she looks with those big eyes and her bottom lip sticking forward!


    Gotta go, dog needs a walk!!



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    So, the family is complete now, Nick ? Lovely pup and I bet she'll make your walks a lot more fun, too. In fact there'll be no excuse for putting off those walks now. You'll be super fit in no time.
    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.

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    Awwwwww.................what a aweet little furbaby!
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    She looks gorgeous. Hope you have many happy walks with her - or being dragged behind. They do grow a good size
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    I've met many a boxer, and they seem to be a very sweet breed. And what kind faces they have! You definitely have a cutie there.
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