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Thread: Many Happy Returns Duke!

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    Default Many Happy Returns Duke!

    If you manage to pop into the forum on your birthday, here's wishing you a very Happy Birthday Duke

    Hope you have a great day

    P.S. For the next few months, I shall assume responsibility for birthday greetings in MB's absence!

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    Happy Birthday Duke ... hope it's a good one!
    In NZ since June 2005
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    Default gals are so nice
    Looks like my 31st birthday will be spent working out in Cleveland in sub temps on a blast furnace dated back to the dinosaur days..we are working 12hr/7days, just trying to set my schedule for the next 6weeks. but I did make it in tonight...Thanks again
    Man, this add for a job excited me, to bad I wasnt yet in NZ...lookin good in the neighborhood

    Full Time Sub-Classification: Boilermaking/Welding
    Location: Christchurch Advertiser: Select Industrial Christchurch

    Boiler Maker required!

    My client is well known as being the best in their field! They need a boiler maker to increase their trade staff numbers ? someone who has a bit of nous! Work closely with all areas of the company to achieve a desired out come! They are also looking for someone who can do some pipe welding, a real jack of all trades! The ideal candidate would have the following skills, licences and qualifications:

    Must have a welding trade apprenticeship--------------YES!!!
    Must be confident in working on plate work on a ship--------MAYBE
    Must be able to repair, weld and cut------------YES!!!!
    Must have trade certificate level 4-------- YES!!!
    Must have ASME 9 welding ticket--------YES!!!!

    Not only do this company offer a safe and stable working environment but you are also offered allowances and overt time! They are a friendly group of people who are seeking someone to join their family orientated environment. This is not a role for the faint hearted. Come jump on board and apply now to this ideal and fantastic opportunity. You must be in New Zealand to apply for this position.

    This sounds like me if I could only convince them to give me a chance with an offer

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    Happy belated birthday, and good luck with getting a good offer.
    If men had wings and bore black feathers, few of them would be clever enough to be crows.
    - Rev. Henry Ward Beecher, mid-1800s

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    I'm trailing behind, too, but got me a new Internet connection now so I can just squeeze this in. Hope you had a great day.

    Mother Bear

    Try to bloom wherever you are planted.


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