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    Default Nice one!

    Well, it's been hinted at long enough.

    Aussie speedsters slow down as ads target penis size
    SMH | Monday, 15 October 2007

    A controversial Australian road safety campaign that implies young men who speed do so because they have small penises has become one of the most successful anti-speeding campaigns in New South Wales, Roads Minister Eric Roozendaal has said.

    The Roads and Traffic Authority TV ad, dubbed "Little Pinkie", shows onlookers wiggling their pinkies upon seeing a speeding male driver.

    The gesture is used in youth culture to indicate a small penis.

    The TV ad was part of a broader campaign that included magazine and outdoor advertising featuring the slogan "Speeding: No one thinks big of you".

    Research commissioned by the RTA found three-quarters of people believed the campaign increased community awareness about speeding.

    According to Mr Roozendaal, young people were also re-enacting the gesture demonstrated in the $A1.9 million campaign.

    "Wiggling your pinkie has cut through to that crucial age group of young drivers - they're using it as a way to slow their mates down and stop them acting recklessly on our roads," he said.

    Sixty-one per cent of young males surveyed for the research believed the campaign had the power to make them think about their own driving behaviour, he said.

    "This campaign is about saving lives - not pride. If it dents a few egos but helps save a life, then it's worth it," Mr Roozendaal said.

    One of the main reasons the ad worked was that it was surprising, said Paul Fishlock, executive creative director at agency The Campaign Palace.

    "People haven't seen a speeding ad that takes that approach before, that actually taps into the truth about what a lot of young guys who do speed think others think of them," he said.

    "It completely turns that on its head."

    The RTA has endured criticism since the campaign was launched in June.

    The Advertising Standards Bureau had received a number of complaints that the ad demeaned men with small penises, a spokesman for Mr Roozendaal said.

    Soames Job, from the RTA's NSW Centre for Road Safety, said the ad's approach had been shaped by research showing young people had become desensitised to traditional "crash and shock images".

    But Mr Fishlock, who has been involved with anti-tobacco campaigns for more than 10 years, said there was still a role in public safety campaigns for shock-style ads that depicted "the reality [and] the carnage".

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    Let it cross the ditch soon, and become part of mainstream driving culture not just youth culture.

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    I have often made the same comment myself - the same goes for guys that drive those huge cars or older guys driving stupidly show offy sports cars! Come to think of it the whole NZ male population must have small penises coz they all seem obsessed with their automobiles in one way or another.
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