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Thread: AB's not the worst chokers in sports history ... post your greatest sport choke!

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    Default AB's not the worst chokers in sports history ... post your greatest sport choke!

    Here's mine, which in my mind is one of the greatest moments of sports history and, objectively, the greatest sports choke of all time:

    2004 American League Championship Series - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The 2004 American League Championship Series was a Major League Baseball playoff series played between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. The series, a rematch of the 2003 American League Championship Series, started on October 12, 2004 and ended one minute after midnight Eastern Time on October 21. The Red Sox, down three games to none and trailing by a run in the bottom of the ninth inning of Game 4, came back to win the series in seven games. They became the first team in Major League Baseball history to win a seven-game postseason series after losing the first three games and only the 3rd in North American professional sports history. The first team was the Toronto Maple Leafs when they defeated the Detroit Red Wings 4-3 in the 1942 Stanley Cup Finals. The second was the New York Islanders when they defeated the Pittsburgh Penguins 4-3 in the 1975 Stanley Cup Quarter-Finals.
    Here's the pivotal part of the fateful Game 4:

    Mariano Rivera, the Yankees star closer, entered the game in the eighth for a two inning save attempt. However, in the ninth inning, Rivera walked Kevin Millar to begin the inning. That simple base-on-balls would prove to be the turning point of the series. Dave Roberts pinch-ran for Millar. With the Red Sox down to their final three outs, Rivera checked Roberts at first base several times before throwing a pitch to Bill Mueller.

    According to Roberts, "The first [time Rivera checked me at first base], I felt I got the jitters and then it kind of dissipated a little bit. The second time the jitters were all gone and I was really into it. After the third pick over was a close play, I think the second one was really close also, and then I felt like I had been there from the first inning on."

    Roberts added, "At that point I knew, regardless of a slidestep or whatever, once he goes home, I'm going to run on the pitch. If he would have went to the plate the first pitch, I wouldn't have went. Running down that tunnel in October, it's hard to get loose. But that [series of pickoff attempts] kind of helped me out a little bit."

    On Rivera's first pitch to Bill Mueller, the speedy Roberts stole second, putting himself in scoring position. Mueller's single allowed Roberts to score, resulting in Rivera blowing the save and the game going into extra innings, tied 4-4.

    Both teams threatened for more runs in the 11th inning, but the game remained tied until the bottom of the 12th. Ramirez led off with a single against new pitcher Paul Quantrill, and Ortiz hit a two-run walk-off home run to right field. Ortiz became the first player with two walk-off homers in the same postseason; his first capped a Red Sox sweep of the Anaheim Angels in the American League Division Series.
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    On similar line
    i passed a sign today on the road from rangiora to cust that read in big letters (advert size) well done the all blacks shame about the 2 F***ing refs, only it was not blanked out.
    and on my way back the reverse of the sign" 4 years hard work gone "to some other swear words that i was going to fast to read,mayby they will get behind us poms now.
    i went to work on monday and every kiwi claimed they did not see the rugby now for a nation that is rugby mad i find that hard to belive.
    still i dont supose it helps me saying what a good competition it is this year with the 2 best southern and northern hemisphere teams left in it .

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    A friend of ours in Aussie reckons he wouldn't be able to bear it if the Wallabies 'won like England'. Yeah right.


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