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    Default Noisy Aussie birds

    Noisy Aussie birds invade NZ
    By PAUL GORMAN - The Press | Thursday, 4 October 2007

    They're big, they're loud, they're Australian, and they're living here.

    With their cheekiness, their raucous cry and their splash of vivid yellow feathers, sulphur-crested cockatoos scream out "Australian" to many.

    In typical vocal Aussie fashion, a small colony of the birds that has become established on Banks Peninsula is making its presence felt.

    There are rumours of a second colony in North Canterbury.

    Environment Canterbury (ECan) says it is keeping an eye on the cockatoos, which have the potential to become pests.

    Biosecurity team leader Rob McCaw said the imports were "typical Aussies ? big and loud".

    While they had not been added to the regional council's pest register yet, ECan was aware they could become a nuisance, although some bird-fanciers liked them, he said.

    People are prepared to pay handsomely for talking sulphur-crested cockatoos.

    Two of the birds were going for more than $2700 each on Trade Me yesterday.

    McCaw said there were about 40 of the birds in

    the Little River-Port Levy area.

    "We're certainly not doing any control measures on them at this stage, but we're watching the population. If they start to increase a lot, we might have to work out what to do about them," he said.

    Excell Corporation pest management supervisor Dave Hunter said a count last year turned up 38 sulphur-crested cockatoos on the peninsula.

    "Some people out that way thought they might get into orchards and that, but they are definitely not doing that.

    "They create a lot of noise, too, and that could affect some people. You get a big population of them and they get very noisy."

    Some cockatoos had been caught by people with nets, which had kept the population down, Hunter said.

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    Haven't seen any cockatoos, but I was 'swooped' by an Australasian Magpie while riding my bike around Gebbies Pass this morning. Not as dramatic as the recent newspaper and tv reports, but he was a big bugger and fair put the wind up me. If you send me $10, I'll tell you how I repelled the attack. (To be honest, I think he knew I was English as was still sore about the rugby )


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