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    Default The customer's always right

    Ooops! ?

    Email to customer: 'your wedding sounds tacky'
    18 November 2006

    A woman has been fired and a hire company left publicly embarrassed by an email to a customer this week. Aucklander Steve Hausman emailed The Great Marquee Company on Wednesday saying he would not require their services:

    "Paula and I went and viewed your marquee setup at Devonport the other weekend and unfortunately we did not like it. So this is just to let you know we will not require your services on 7 April 2007.

    "Thanks for your assistance and we are sorry that it turned out this way although we are glad we looked at the marquee prior to booking as that would have been a huge disappointment."

    Hours later the company's office manager Katrina responded to Mr Hausman's email:

    "Hi Steve, Thanks for your reply. Your wedding sounded cheap, nasty and tacky anyway, so we only ever considered you time wasters. Our marquees are for upper class clients which unfortunately you are not. Why don't you stay within your class level and buy something from payless plastics instead. Kindest Regards, Katrina, Office Manager, The Great Marquee Company."

    That reply has led to her dismissal and the Auckland company posting a public apology, after the email exchange was forwarded on - eventually circulating to thousands. To date it is estimated to have reached thousands of people both in New Zealand and Australia.

    The impact of the email's circulation was not lost on The Great Marquee Company management. On the company's website, a statement from chief executive Klaus Jorgensen, apologising and explaining the incident, has been posted.

    "If you are emailing us or visiting our website because of the recent (inappropriate) email communication between a customer and one of our staff, we would like to advise that we regret the exchange. We have apologised to the customer concerned and this staff member's contract has been terminated and processes have been put in place to ensure it won't happen again.

    "We most certainly do not condone rudeness on the part of any of our staff or endorse the views in this particular response.

    "You may be aware that the email that was forwarded by our customer has now reached some thousands of people. We do not believe it is fairly representative of the service that we usually provide, and perhaps more importantly it is generating many calls to the former customer which is stressful for him.

    "We would rather not comment any further but move on having learned from this situation. Again, we pass our apologies on to this customer."

    Attempts to talk to Mr Jorgensen today were unsuccessful. A voice message on the company's phone reiterates the statement on the firm's website.

    The email is the latest example of emails being forwarded and causing havoc. In October, law clerk Craig Dale sent an email to a female lawyer suggesting a "no-strings attached fling", according to The New Zealand Herald.

    A day after the email was sent he discovered the email had travelled like "wildfire" throughout New Zealand's legal profession and had found fame in Australia under the heading "loser alert". "Oh, the power of email," was Mr Dale's only comment after the event.

    The most infamous email to be circulated was written by London PR executive Claire Swire in 2000, when she email her boyfriend, explaining how much she enjoyed sex with him.

    The boyfriend forwarded it to his friends who also sent it on. By the end of the day it had reached Japan and America and millions of people had read it within 24 hours. Ms Swire was fired and forced to go into hiding while her boyfriend suffered disciplinary action.

    In 2002 Mary Callahan of New York, accidentally hit reply instead of forward on an email, which outlined how her boyfriend had fallen asleep during intercourse.

    - NZPA
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    Default Re: The customer's always right

    Golly, now I want to know how tacky their wedding plans really were!
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