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Thread: Kiwi slang

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    Default Kiwi slang

    New Zealand Slang

    Ads - TV commercials, advertisements
    Anklebiter - toddler, small child
    Aotearoa - Maori name for New Zealand meaning land of the long white cloud
    A & P Show - usually a 3 or 4 day event where farmers strut their stuff and win prizes for best cow, largest onion, best pikelet etc. (A&P = Agricultural & Pastoral)
    Arse - rear end, butt
    Arvo – afternoon

    Bach - holiday home
    Banger - sausage, as in bangers and mash
    Barbie - barbecue
    Beaut - great; good fun; "that'll be beaut mate"
    Big smoke - large town or city
    Biscuit - cookie
    Bit of dag - hard case, comedian, person with character
    Bitser - mongrel dog
    Bloke - man
    Blow me down - expression of surprise, as in; "Well! Blow me down, I didn't know that."
    Bludge - to sponge off others; as in "dole bludger"
    Bob's your Uncle - roughly translates to 'there ya go - that's all there is to it!' Just press this big red button that says 'Launch Missile', and "Bob's your uncle".
    Bonk - to have sex with
    Bonnet - car hood
    Boohai - awry; out of the way non-existant place. As in "up the boohai shooting pukeko's with a long-handled shovel": said in response to "Where are you going?", and meaning either "Mind your own business" or "I'm just wandering around". Or "up the boohai" (out of place; awry)
    Boot - car trunk
    Box of birds/budgies - cheerful, happy, very good
    Boxing day - the day after Christmas Day.
    Braces - suspenders
    Brassed off - disappointed, annoyed
    Brekkie - Short for 'breakfast'
    Brickie - bricklayer.
    Brilliant - excellent; great; wonderful
    Brown eye - to flash your naked butt at someone
    Bring a plate - means bring a dish of food to share
    Bugalugs - a bit like "mate" as in "how's it going bugalugs"
    Bugger - damn!
    Bugger all - not much, very little; as in "I know bugger all"
    Buggered - exhausted
    Bugger off - p1ss off, shove off, get out
    Bum - rear end, butt
    Bumper - fender
    Bun-fight - social gathering with food
    Bungy - kiwi slang for elastic strap, as in Bungy Jumping
    Bun in the oven - pregnant
    Bush - small and large trees and native plants densely packed together - sort of like a small forest.
    Bust a gut - make an intense effort

    Cackhanded - left handed, southpaw
    Candyfloss - cottoncandy
    Capsicum - green pepper
    Car park - parking lot
    Caravan - trailer, mobile home
    Cardy - woollen button-up-the-front jersey (also cardie)
    Carked it - died, kicked the bucket
    Cast - immobilised, unable to get to your feet
    Cheerio - goodbye
    Cheerio - name for a cocktail sausage
    Cheers - goodbye or thanks or good luck.
    Chemist - pharmacy, drug store. Also a euphemism for druggist.
    Cheque - check
    Chick - slang word for woman/female
    Chilly bin - sealable, usually polystyrene insulated box, for keeping beer & food cold
    Chips - crisps (see Hot chips)
    Chippy - builder, carpenter
    Chocka - full, overflowing
    Choc-a-block - full to overflowing
    Chocolate fish - a chocolate covered marshmallow fish. Also frequently given (literally or figuratively) as a reward for a job well done; as in "Good on ya, mate. You deserve a chocolate fish".
    Choice - very good
    Chook - chicken
    Chrissy - Christmas
    Chrissy pressies - Christmas presents
    Chuffed - pleased; as in "he was dead chuffed"
    Chuddy - chewing gum
    Chunder - vomit, throw up
    Cockie - farmer
    Cods wollop - untrue statement or remark is referred to as a "load of lod cods wollop".
    Colly wobbles - a feeling of nausea usually associated with nervousness
    Corker - very good
    Cornflour - cornstarch
    Cotton buds - Q-tips
    Courgette - zucchini
    Cracker - very good. See also wee cracker
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    Default Re: Kiwi slang

    Creek - small stream
    Crib - small holiday home mainly in South Island. Also known as 'bach'.
    Crikey dick! - gosh! wow!
    Crisps - potato chips
    Crook - sick, unwell
    Cuppa - cup of tea, as in cuppa tea
    Cuz - cousin, family

    Dag - hard case, joker; comedian, as in "Joe Blow's a bit of a dag isn't he?"
    Dairy - "corner" store originally only selling milk, bread, papers, convenience foods and dairy produce, and until the past decade or so, the only shop allowed to open 7 days a week. Still is the only shop allowed to open on Christmas day and Good Friday, for a few hours, and without a special licence.
    De facto - name used for a couple who are not married but are living together
    Ding - small dent in a vehicle
    Dole - unemployment benefit
    Dodgy - bad, unreliable, not good
    Doing the ton - Driving really, really fast! Doing 100mph.
    Down the gurgler - failed plan
    Draughts - checkers
    Dreaded lurgy - alternative name for the flu or a head cold; used as an excuse for not going to work, as in "I can't come in today because I have the dreaded lurgy". Also slang for venereal diseases.
    Dressing gown - bathrobe
    Drongo - stupid fool, idiot
    Drop your gear - take your clothes off, get undressed
    Dummy - pacifier
    Dunny - toilet, bathroom, lavatory
    Duvet - quilt, doona

    Ear bashing - someone talking incessantly
    Eh - pronounced as the letter "a" and often used at the end of sentences when expecting a response to a statement - it is not spoken as a question. i.e. "This would be a better gift eh?", instead of saying "Do you think this would be a better gift"? Also used as a substitute for "pardon?" or "what?" i.e. "eh"?
    Entree - appetizer, hors d'oeurve

    Fagged out - see knackered
    Fancy - hanker after somebody
    Fanny - A warning to Americans, take care how you use this phrase in New Zealand! A "fanny" refers to female genetalia; fanny is not the same as butt!
    Far out - 'Oh my gosh!' Expression of amazement.
    Fizzy - soda pop
    Finger stalls - back seats at the movie theatre, where adolescents take their girlfriends (but not to watch the movie!).
    Fizz Boat - small power boat
    Fizzy drink - soda pop
    Flannel - wash cloth, face cloth
    Flash - sensational or "that's flash" meaning it looks really good
    Flat - apartment, name for rental accommodation that is shared
    Flicks - movies, picture theatre
    Flog - steal, rob
    Footie - rugby union or league, as in "going to watch the footie"
    Footpath - pavement or sidewalk
    Frenchie - condom
    Fringe - bangs
    Frock tart - It's TV/Movie industry slang for someone who involved in making costumes. The term came from a disclaimer at the end a rather costume intense version of 'Xena: Warrior Princess'. It read: "No frock tarts were killed during the production of this motion picture, however, many wished they had been"
    Full tit - going very fast, using all your power, as in "he was running full tit"

    Gas guzzler - large car, usually associated with older USA imports
    Gawk / gawking - stare at; take a look at. As in "What are you gawking at!?"
    G'day - universal kiwi greeting, also spelled 'gidday'.
    Get off the grass - exclamation of disbelief; equivalent to "stop pulling my leg", "get outta here", and "no way"
    Get the willies - overcome with trepidation
    Gimme - abbreviation for "give me..."
    Give your ferret a run - have sex
    Gizza - abbreviation for "give us a..."
    Going bush - take a break, become reclusive
    Good on ya, mate! - congratulations, well done, proud of someone
    Good as gold - feeling good, not a problem, yes
    Greasies - fish and chips
    Gridiron - American football.
    Grizzle - whine, whinge, often done by children who are unhappy
    Ground floor - first floor. Very confusing for Kiwi visitors to the States!
    Gumboots or gummies - rubber boots, wellingtons
    Guts for garters - in big trouble; as in "I'll have your guts for garters!"
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    Default Re: Kiwi slang

    Handle - pint of beer
    Happy as larry - very happy
    Hard case - amusing, funny person
    Hard yakka - hard work
    Heaps - general expression to mean a lot, as in "miss you heaps", or try hard; "give it heaps"
    Hissy fit - throwing a tantrum when things you don't get your way or when someone does something to offend you.
    Hokey pokey - 'sea foam' candy
    Hollywood - to fake or exaggerate an injury on the sportsfield
    Home and hosed - safe, successfully finished, completed,
    Hoon - Young adult driving fast, boy racer
    Hooray - the Kiwi "Goodbye"
    Hot chips - chips/fries
    Hottie - hot water bottle
    Hosing down - heavy rain, raining heavily
    How's it going mate? - kiwi greeting
    Hunky dory/honky dory - everything's fine, as in "my life is hunky dory"

    Iceblock - popsicle, Ice Stick

    Jandals - thongs, sandals,flip-flops,
    Jersey - sweater
    Judder bar - speed bump
    Jumper - sweater, jersey

    Kiwi - New Zealander
    Kiwifruit - Brown furry skinned fruit, Zespri, Chinese Gooseberry
    Kick the bucket - die
    Knackered - exhausted, tired, lethargic
    Knickers - underwear
    Knuckle sandwhich - a fist in the teeth, punch in the mouth

    Laughing gear - mouth, as in wrap your laughing gear around this,
    L&P - Fizzy soda water
    Lemonade - 7Up
    Lift - elevator
    Lolly - candy, sweets
    Long drop - outdoor toilet, hole in ground
    Loo - bathroom, toilet
    Loose metal - gravel road
    Lorry - truck
    Lurgy - flu

    Mad - crazy
    Mad as a meat axe - very angry or crazy
    Main - primary dish of a meal
    Maori - indigenous people of New Zealand
    Mate - buddy
    Metal road - a country road (usually) with a gravel or shingle surface
    Morris club - a very exclusive group or club of New Zealand males who call each other "Morris", and in doing so it can cause a great deal of confusion to outsiders when they greet one another by the same name; as in "How's it going Morris?" replied with "Good thanks Morris, and you?" Membership is by invitation only.
    Motorway - freeway
    Munted - stuffed, useless

    Naff off - go away, get lost, leave me alone
    Nana - grandmother, grandma
    Nappy - diaper
    North Cape to the Bluff - from one end of New Zealand to the other
    Nought - zero

    OE - Overseas Experience, many students go on their OE after finishing university, see the world
    Offsider - an assistant, someones friend, as in "we saw him and his offsider going down the road"
    Old bomb - old car
    Oldies - parents
    On the never never - paying for something using layby, not paying straight away
    Open slather - a free-for-all

    Pack a sad - bad mood, morose, ill-humoured, broken , as in "she packed a sad"
    Pakeha - non-Maori person
    Pash - kiss/snog
    Patties - burgers
    Pav - pavlova, dessert usually topped with kiwifruit and cream
    Perve - to stare
    Petrol - gasoline, gas
    Piece-of-piss - easy, not hard to do, as in "didn't take me long to do, it was a piece of piss"
    Pikelet - small pancake usually had with jam and whipped cream
    Piker - someone who gives up easy, slacker
    Pike out - to give up when the going gets tough
    Pinky - little finger
    Pinky bar - a chocolate-covered marshmallow confection
    Piss around - waste time, muck around
    Pisshead - someone who drinks a lot of alcohol, heavy drinker
    Piss up - party, social gathering, excuse for drinking alcohol
    Pissed off - annoyed, angry, upset
    Plonk - cheap liquor, cheap wine
    Pong - bad smell, stink
    Postal code - zip code
    Pram - baby stroller, baby pushchair
    Pressie - present
    Pub - bar or hotel that serves liquor
    Puckeroo - something that is broken, buggered or otherwise disfunctional
    Pudding - dessert
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    Default Re: Kiwi slang

    Pushing up daisies - dead and buried

    Quack - Medical doctor
    Rack off - go away (angry), piss off
    Rark up - telling somebody off
    Rattle your dags - hurry up, get moving
    Rellies - relatives, family
    Root - have sex, get sex
    Ropeable - very angry
    Ring - to telephone somebody, as in "I'll give you a ring"
    Rust bucket - decrepit motor car

    Scarce as hens teeth - very scarce, rare
    Scarfie - university student
    Scull - consume, drink quickly
    Scroggin - trampers high energy food including dried fruits, chocolate
    Shark and taties - fish and chips
    Sheila - slang for woman/female
    She'll be right - not a problem, it'll be O.K.
    Shippie - prostitute "working" the ships docked at our international ports
    Shit a brick - exclamation of surprise or annoyance
    Shoot through - to leave suddenly
    Shout - to treat, to buy something for someone, as in "lunch is my shout"
    Sickie - to take a day off work or school because you are sick
    Skite - to boast, boasting, bragging
    Smoko - break, rest period
    snarky - mixture of sarcastic and nasty
    Snarler - sausage
    Snotty - snooty, ill-humoured, packing a sad
    Sook - cry baby, wimp
    Sparkie - electrician
    Sparrow fart - very early in the morning, sunrise
    Spinner - usually used to describe a female who is a little flakey/stupid (an air-head), as in "she's a real spinner!".
    Spit the dummy - to throw a tantrum or get mad.
    Sprog - child
    Spud - potato
    Squiz - take a quick look
    Steinie - bottle of Steinlager, brand lager
    Strapped for cash - low on cash, no money
    Stubby - small glass bottle of beer
    Stupid as a two bob watch - used to describe a person who behaves irrationally
    Suck the kumara - to die or otherwise cease
    Sunnies - sunglasses

    Ta - thanks
    Take a hike - expression of anger, as in; "Go away!" "Get lost!"
    Tea - evening meal, dinner
    Tiki tour - scenic tour, take the long route
    Togs - swimsuit, bathing costume
    Tramping - hiking
    Trots - horse racing with a buggy
    Trots - diaorrhoea as in "having a dose of the trots"
    Trundler - shopping trolley
    Twink - white-out
    Two sammies short of a picnic - used to describe a person who is a "bit thick".
    Up the duff - pregnant
    Ute - small pickup truck
    Veges - vegetables
    Walkshorts - dressy shorts for men
    Wally - clown, silly person
    What are ya! - "Are you mad?" or "You're taking the piss!"
    Whinge - complain, moan
    Wobbly - to have a tantrum
    Wop-wops - situated off the beaten track, out of the way location
    Yack - to have a conversation with a friend, to talk
    Yonks - forever, a long time ago, ages; as in "I haven't seen them in yonks".
    You ain't wrong - that's right, yes
    You can't help bad luck - contrary to the wording, the phrase quite often means congratulations!, also a dismissive phrase for "too bad" or "who cares"
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    Default New one...

    Just had to share the new slang I picked-up when I was in NZ in March...

    Hop have sex!!!

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    Not so much slang, but our six year old had a spelling test at school last week. I'll try to use appropriate phonetic spellings so you get what happened. The teacher asked the class to spell a word that sounded like 'PIER' to English ears.

    When they marked them, my six year old had got that wrong, but he was adament the word was spelled 'p i e r' so he went up to the teacher. "Oh no" she said, "I meant a 'pier of shoes" .

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    lol that good old Kiwi accent - he will get used to it, I promise

    Another slang word that we learned when Taffy's boss used to come over for a visit was 'durry', which means cigarette - he always used to say "I'm just nipping out in the garden for a quick durry" - always made us chuckle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bermy Girl View Post
    Just had to share the new slang I picked-up when I was in NZ in March...

    Hop have sex!!!

    And just HOW did you learn that phrase BG???

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    Quote Originally Posted by Welshgirl View Post
    And just HOW did you learn that phrase BG???
    I must admit I've been meaning to ask the same question since it was first posted, but kept forgetting. You've saved me the trouble WG.
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    I made the mistake of saying that I was having a root (I was looking for my wallet in my bag).....there was a lot of sniggers in the room.... very embarassing...
    EOI submitted 9th April 2007
    EOI drawn 11th April 2007
    ITA received May 8th 2007
    ITA received by NZIS June 1st 2007
    PR approved by NZIS June 19th 2007

    Arrived in Auckland August 23rd 2007

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