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    Default Northern Ireland


    Anyone from Northern Ireland made the move to NZ or thinking about it?
    Im heading over in Sept with my girlfreind, I've signed for Hawkes Bay United after playing football professionally in England and abroad for 8 years. Originally from Newtownabbey, would be good to hear your thoughts.

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    Default Northern Ireland

    Hi :039: You're famous!!

    Born in Lisburn, my parents emigrated from Dunmurry when I was 5. That was over 30 years ago so you wouldn't know it to speak to me. I've been back regularly, if not often. My family are mainly from Larne, the Blair's.

    My thoughts have an English perspective having grown up here so I'm probably not the best person to chat to about our wee country. I think Morrissey summed it up 'Irish blood, English heart, this I'm made of'. But many years ago I swam at the pool in Newtownabbey, and more recently my kids saw Toy Story 2 there!

    Good luck with Hawkes Bay, I've put 13 November in the diary so may see you at English Park :smiley20:


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    Default Northern Ireland

    Moved this into here whilst tidying up a bit.

    I have loads of family in Belfast (whiteabbey etc.) My Dad was born and bred there and my bro was born in Downpatrick. Recently my parents moved back over to Templepatrick for a couple of years before moving back to Daventry, Northants of all places :icon_eek: icon_exclaim.gif for a better job.

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    Default Northern Ireland

    I like the Hawkes Bay top your wearing.

    35 and Skint..

    That's me!!!!


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