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Thread: Happy Solstice!

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    Default Happy Solstice!

    So I'm a wee bit late, but wanted to wish you all a happy Mid-Winter/Summer. To all you already in NZ, cheer up, because the sun is on its way back, and spring is just around the corner.

    On a similar thought, in NZ, shouldn't one dance around the October Pole to celebrate the fertility of summer, and have Halloween in May to celebrate the last of the harvest?
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    Default Happy Solstice!



    Don't get me started..

    All that means is Autumn is coming and we've only had 3 days you could even remotely describe as nice...

    Solstice my arse.!!!

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    Default Happy Solstice!

    if you want heat, move to the Southern US. :P It's been horrible here. This is more like August weather, not JUNE, for pete's sake. It was 96* F here the other day. And then we've been getting sooooo much rain, which is bad because it ruins the afternoons that we want to go swimming. :icon_evil:

    It's a lose-lose situation here...I hate the cold wet winters and the long hot summers.

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    Default Happy Solstice!

    "Solstice my arse"? Surely you would wait for a full "moon" for that kind of exclamation!

    But yep, its all down hill from here....but look on the brightside, at least, ok, don't look on the bright side!

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