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Thread: employers attitudes???

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    Default employers attitudes???

    will be moving to take up residency late may cant wait, ill be working full time in a salon in pakuranga and must stay in that position for three months to fulfill residency requirements, mike my husband will be looking and hopefully getting a job also. the question is this......we have three young girls 5 7 and 8, and must be there for them after school, initially mike can do the children thing, although it has always been me, but when he gets a job i will possibly have to reduce my hours to facilitate them........ the girls i mean. in general are nz employers understanding of the family thing or is it a work first attitude. id be talking going from a 9 to 5 30 hours to 9 to 2 30 say!!has anyone any help on this one as its a bit of a worry for me, after care is not an option atall as its either me or mike or no one, they are too precious to hand over and ive never done it. i know i must work but must also do it around the girls, so wondering what attitudes to these dilemmas is like........sorry for the long windedness... oh yes im a 36 yr old hairdresser.
    thanks and bye for now
    lisa m

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    Default Employers attitudes

    Have you thought about the same sort of thing as you probably would over here, namely a childminder for the couple of hours after school. They do apparently have them in nz as my wife is hoping to start a business over there when we go, (hopefully Sept 2006). A good place to start looking might be Hope this is of some use.


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