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Thread: Any new friends??

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    Default Any new friends??


    New to the forum so thought I would start by saying hello. Myself and my husband are in the UK and are just in the process of putting in our Expression of Interest to emigrate to New Zealand. We have family out there, but I personally would love to get to know some people before I go perhaps via the foum. I think we will live near the New Plymouth area, anybody help??

    Thank you
    Gilly :icon_biggrin:

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    Default Any new friends??

    Hi Gilly,
    You'll make some good friends here if you join in with the discussions :icon_biggrin:

    Not sure how far we are from New Plymouth (Taranaki?), we're in Hamilton. So join in, make yourself known, and I'm sure we'll all meet up eventually!!

    Welcome to the forum!
    All the best

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    Default Any new friends??

    Hi Gilly,

    We're not going to New Plymouth either. :icon_frown: But I have heard some good things about the area which kinda makes us wonder whether we should have looked around there during our reccy! Whereabouts in the UK are you? Any snow yet? We are still waiting for it; were promised a couple of inches this morning, but nothing. People are complaining that they cannnot now have the day off!

    Hi Taffy,

    I've not actually been on this site for long either, but I have noticed that you have been offline for 5 days - been somewhere nice? :icon_biggrin: Surely it is your duty to divulge any places nice to visit? :icon_mrgreen:

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    Default Any new friends?

    I'm afraid we're not going to New Plymouth either - we're heading for Canterbury (we also would like to make friends before we arrive). It's such an exciting venture, I just want to be talking about it all the time :041: - very boring for the folks we are leaving behind!! :icon_biggrin:


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