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Thread: A ship from OZ to NZ?

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    Default A ship from OZ to NZ?

    Hello together,

    before making up my decision if I should really move from OZ to NZ I think it is a good idea to travel around New Zealand during my next holidays. Does anyone know if there is a possibility to get a ship from Melbourne or Sydney to Auckland or to another place in NZ and back because I am afraid of taking a plane. When I came from Germany (I am from Germany) I took a plane and some medicine but that was not very pleasant and I would like to avoid it if it's possible. I read this article about travelling with a ship to Australia and realized that it's maybe much more expensive than taking a plane. I also already had a look online to get some information about this topic but was not very successful. Furthermore, I would like to take my car with me to be flexible on the island.

    Has anyone experiences with the journey on a ship between NZ and OZ?

    I would be very thankful

    Kind Regards

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    There are cruise ships from Oz to NZ. Ask any travel agent for prices and schedules. I have flown around the world over 18 times but I don't fly anymore so I can appreciate your situation.



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    Hi Cliff,

    thanks for your answer! I probably should ask a travel agency to get exact information about this topic!


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