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Unlucky number 3

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by , 03-04-2008 at 09:08 AM (34123 Views)
Thought I would join the 'blog' revolution. Just hope being the third one isn't unlucky.

To update you all - we have had our EOI selected, had our medicals at the weekend and are just waiting for the results. I was worried that I wouldn't pass the maximum waist measurement but the doctor was very good and pulled the tape measure tight so I passed We will submit our ITA when we collect the medicals. I already have a job in Chch Hopsital due to start 6th October, our house is sold just waiting for the survey and contracts and our flights are booked for 19th Sept.

One new development is that our daughter is now coming with us . She was going to stay in the UK and finish Uni then follow on but she has decided to tranfer to Uni in NZ and come with us in Sept. OH is really pleased - he didn't like the thought of his little girl being left behind. It will also save us some money on extra flights for her to come over.

So that's us for now.

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  1. Taffy's Avatar
    There's nothing unlucky about being number 3. In fact, you could only have been luckier if you were number 4!
  2. zummerzet_lou's Avatar
    Nothing unlucky about 3 ... now, what was that saying? Oh yes, I remember

    "First the worst, Second the best, third the one with the hairy chest"
  3. Taffy's Avatar
    Wow, haven't heard that since primary school!
  4. nickydwuk's Avatar
    I want to know how Lou knows about my hairy chest - I thought it was a well guarded secret!!!
  5. MotherBear's Avatar
    Hairy chest? And you still passed the medical? Wow, there's hope for me then with my 2 heads.
  6. selchie's Avatar
    And smiley faces on your toes.

    I'm glad to hear that Jen will be joining you. If she continues with chem and the like, I'm sure she'll be popular in the job market.

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