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Can't let Beth have all the glory!

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by , 01-04-2008 at 11:34 PM (38904 Views)

Seeing as Beth has started the ball rolling, I thought I'd better follow suit - esp. as Jon is internet-less so am really posting for both of us.

As this is my first blog, thought I'd just do an "up to speed" one.

We applied to NZ Immigration in July 2007, and are now finally in the last stages of gaining residency. We have a case officer, although you wouldn't know it as have had no contact what-so-ever.

Our house was sold last month, so we are renting a holiday cottage for our last few remaining UK months. It's quite bizarre, as it's like being on holiday ALL the time! the kids are really enjoying it ... best bit for James is that he finally has his own bedroom.

I am busy sorting out clothes, passports etc as I'm flying out to Hamilton, New Zealand on Saturday for a job interview. I still can't really believe it, as it's all happened so fast. Not really too sure about flying on my own. I am terrified of missing the call to re-board in LA, and of not being able to spot the ma collecting me at auckland airport.

Best bit of it all is that I can finally meet Welshgirl, Taffy and Dawn ...

Will be back to post all about my trip, and of course, my interview.

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  1. MotherBear's Avatar
    Great start to your blog, Lou. Will look forward to reading more as you add to it, especially when you're in NZ and are giving us your first thoughts on Hamilton and the country in general.
  2. Taffy's Avatar
    Don't worry, Lou will have PLENTY to blog about after she meets us lot!!
  3. ebianca's Avatar
    Don't worry about LA Lou- they stick you in one lounge to wait with the rest of the plane- you don't get to go to the main part of the airport.
  4. cradley's Avatar
    Hi Dawn ,i have spoken to my daughter Kayleigh , and she said she would like to talk to Lauren could you send her msn details so i can pass them on, Progress at last.
    Regards, Cradley.

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