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Dawns first blog ever!!

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by , 25-04-2008 at 05:24 PM (12208 Views)
I will fill my blog with random wanderings of my mind. This may be a freaky place to visit occasionally, I don't mean visit it occasionally, I mean occasionally freaky. Enter at your peril and remain at will.

Well, well, have't been on the forum in a few days, just really a quick look in to see if anything took my fancy and what would you guess, I've upset MORE peeps. Maybe it was the word ANAL that really got the good ode forumites arsed. It generally seems to work.

I wonder why peoples get titty about my opinions when threads are just about opinions? There's nowt wrong wi me expressing mine, I usually have one or two opinions about one or two fings.

Housework is a construct created to oppress women - now, call me a marxist feminist if you will, but I will not be told otherwise.

I should've been going to Whangerei this weekend to do my Zumba training but it's bin postponed and I'm about as gutted as a fresh cod in a chip shop. Zumba, for the uneducated amongst you (and that included me until about 3 weeks ago) is a latin cardio dance fitness programme. I teach dance, fitness blah blah blah and this Zumba is the next new thing. Go on youtube and search 'spice up your body'. The ad is aimed at the american market and is a bit crass but you'll get the idea. Anyhows, that should've bin moi, up there cavorting me middle like a professional middle cavorter but it's not. Big sigh. I was rate lookin forward to it mate.

Anyhoo, I am a bit flat just now and re-finding out that everyone on the forum hates me has compounded my flatness to about the same level as, say, something very flat.

I think I'm going to eat an orange. There are some feijoas in the fridge that need eating tho so I might make myself eat one of them instead but if I do I think I'll still have an orange coz that's what I really want. I think the attractive zesty orange colour of the orange is what is attracting me to it. I imagine the orangeness of it can pump some something into my flatness. The feijoa on the other hand is green and does nothing to excite me at all. In fact, it looks a bit like an oversized gooseberry and the last time I ate gooseberries was when I scrumped em off someones garden when I was a kid. They were dead sour and we dint wash em coz we were ard and I got gut rot and the shits for two days.

I've decided on the orange YAY

Do you stick your finger all the way through the orange and blob it about and pretend like it's talking. Mine just said, 'I have an awfully big orange head. It weighs about as much as a large orange with skin removed.' I don't think the feijoa would have said anything so interesting.

The sun is warm this afternoon. I find that sun generally is if it's shining. I like it when the sun shines. It makes me want to sit in it and makes me feel like I am being bathed in liquid gold. I like to lie back and close my eyes and feel it dance upon my skin. Ummmm. I will go and enjoy the sun when I have emptied my brain of random gabblings.

I liked Lou when she came to Hamilton. She was a very decent sort. I think she thought I was a but mad though. She was very sensible and considered, like she would always have an organised life, the kind that you look at and wonder how come yours isn't like that. Mine's just a big wooly ball of knitting, loose ends, dropped stitches, made up ones, intricate patterns that don't follow on, knotted up manky bits with dog hair in and random colours threaded through for nothing more than the hell of it. I quite like it like that though, it's just that sometimes, it's a bit hard to think what to do with it next.

Whatever Lou and Jon decide to do, I wish them all the best. They shud gerron telly but beware coz that Paul and Julie Goddard that did that other programme dint av much good to say about it. Lou, however, is so practical and sensible she will manage the situation and all will be well. She and Jon will be able to dance the fandango.

We have had to light the log burner the last few nights coz it's bin a bit parky. I like the log burner for the same reason I like the sun. I also like to watch the flames dance along the logs. It seems alive, like red and orange fingers, sightless and searching. It fascinates me and could mesmerise me and entice me in if I didn't have such self-control. Lordy knows how I haven't been burned and blackened to date. I am still relatively young and you may yet read, in a future edition of the Waikato Times, of me being able to miraculously contort my body to fit into the log burner, closing the door behind me to ensure a snug fit and sizzling myself to a cinder, those damned hot, strokey, fingery flames over-powering my iron self-will at last.

Gary just walked past me and asked what I'm doing. 'Emptyin my ed', I said. 'God help us' he said and carried on walking past.

Life is good but I still want it to be better

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  1. ebianca's Avatar
    Thanks Dawn- thats just set me up for the whole day. I love reading your posts- makes me wish I could just let myself go once in a while.
    I'm pretty sure no-one hates you either Dawn- place wouldn't be the same without you- you keep doing what your doing hun.

    Know what you mean about the log burner- we had a real open fire at our house in the UK- I loved it, I just had to sit right infront of it and watch it- even if i was too bloody hot- couldn't resist- pretty sure i'll be missing that when it gets a bit colder.

    What is a feijoa - never heard of it!
  2. Taffy's Avatar
    Aww Dawn, everyone knows that if you had a million mouths and a million feet, you'd still not have enough mouths to stick your feet in. I can't imagine anyone hates you for your outspokendidnessything - not much anyway :)

    Anyway, radio is up and running so gerrup ere and gerramongstit!
  3. ebianca's Avatar
    Radio show is up and running? About time too so when's the first show?best wait til MB returns she'd never forgive you for doing the first show while shes away!!
  4. nickydwuk's Avatar
    Love the ramblings (the bits I can understand although I am getting better with the understanding side of things). However I do think it was the word 'anal' in big letters that did upset some (afraid to say I am included in that) but we don't hate you. It is good that we can use this forum to express our opinions - as long as we don't get shot down in the process. Happens too much in the real world. Keep up with the 'mind' emptying and good luck with the 'Zumba'?? probably spelt it wrong. One of my many faults!!!
  5. Welshgirl's Avatar
    Beth, feijoa info -

    Don't like 'em myself, I'm not fussed on the gritty texture, but they are very popular in NZ
  6. zummerzet_lou's Avatar
    Loving the first blog ... esp as I got a mention :-D although, I'm really not that organised!

    ... and hurry up that zumba training, as I really wanna try it when I arrive (so long as you promise to to laugh at me attempts)!!
  7. keeweegal's Avatar
    Feijoas - YUUUUUUMMMMMM!!
  8. selchie's Avatar
    No, no hate, Dawn. We just like to stand up for our rights to be AR. Actually, I'm more obsessive-compulsive, but you've got me pegged either way.

    Love the mind-rambly flow of subconsciousness. It's contagious, and distracts me from organizing the kitchen utensil drawer : D

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