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Hot Water at Last !!!!!

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by , 12-04-2008 at 07:19 PM (24287 Views)
We finally have hot water & heating after 4 weeks without. During this time we had two lots of snow and many nights when it was at or below freezing. It seems so strange to be able to turn the tap on and have hot water coming out. Mind you it was a bit of a rush. They arrived at 7.45 and set to work. I hadn't even had chance to do the washing up They were here all morning so I couldn't get into the kitchen. A whole morning without a cup of coffee They left just after 1.30 giving me less than 15 minutes to clear up and get ready for my sisters wedding. I was rushing around and as I went to put my trousers on the zip broke (and before you say anything, they were not too tight, I had slimmed a little for my medical!!) So I had to go to the wedding with a safety pin holding them together. We got there and had a good time. So now we can relax and get on with the job of packing up and moving.

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  1. ebianca's Avatar
    Yay- well have an extra bath for me seen as we only have a shower- amazing how you crave a bath when you haven't got one but rarely use it when you have. ENJOY!!!
  2. MotherBear's Avatar
    Great to hear you're back online. Bet you appreciate hot water and heating a lot more now that you've been without it for a while.

    What a carry on though. They should be shot for mucking you about like that.
  3. nickydwuk's Avatar
    Shotgun is being cleaned as we speak
  4. selchie's Avatar
    Four weeks? Yikes! Welcome back to the land of hot showers.

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