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Thought an update was required

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by , 28-05-2011 at 08:12 AM (44704 Views)
Have been reading a lot of posts and blogs lately and thought it about time I updated this one on our current situation and all that has happened in the last 2 years.

My last blog entry was just before we flew out to start our new life in NZ - for those that have been following the forum you will know that we are back in the UK now. A brief summary of what has happened over the last 2 or more years.

Well, we all arrived in NZ in Sept 2008 excited, tired and apprehensive. We were staying in a holiday home which was basic but nice - it was almost next to Sumner beach which made it lovely. We had already bought our house so didn't have to go house hunting, just signed the papers and our house was ours. We spent the first few weeks getting things sorted for the house and me settling into work. NZ was all we had read and more. Once we moved to our own home it was even better. We soon got into a routine of shopping, relaxing and just adapting to the slower pace of life. One downside was my job - I quickly realised I am not a hospital nurse and although my work colleagues were friendly and helpful I just did not settle. This, I think, contributed to our feelings of homesickness. I was unhappy and it seemed to rub off on everyone else. Christmas was tough - we had no money and had planned to go to the beach on Xmas day (something to make it different from the UK) but it rained so we stayed in which didn't help. However on Boxing Day we had our first BBQ with our new gas BBQ and it was great. By this time though we had already decided to return to the UK and had put the house on the market. I had secured a community nursing job in NZ and was looking forward to starting at the beginning of Feb. We had told family we were returning and my in-laws were so much happier. I started my new job and absolutely loved it. I felt at home, valued and really happy for the first time in NZ. Too bad we were going back. My daughter returned in March - she had boyfriend issues. I missed her terribly but knew I would see her soon. We had no interest in the house so were resigned to staying put. We made the most of it though by going to as many places that were free or cheap so we had memories to take back with us. By now we were getting more settled. I had secured my old job back in the UK but they could not hold on to it for me indefinitely so I had to return to the UK in May and leave hubby and my 2 boys in NZ. Skype was invaluable but as we had no firm time frame of when the house would sell we all found it hard. Eventually we worked out a way for the whole family to come back to the UK. I flew over in September to bring them all back. Once I got there it was like coming home and I think we all realised how much we had come to love our house and NZ. Still, plans had been made and we had to stick by them. If only we had changed our minds then.

We all came back to the UK and started a disjointed life with us all living all over the place. Just as things were getting intolerable we decided to go to NZ and pack our house up with the intention of renting it out. A few days before we flew out we got an offer on the house that we accepted. So what was to be our final journey to NZ was to pack up the house to ship all our stuff back home. We had a lovely 2 weeks over there and didn't really want to come back. When we got back to the UK we started house hunting straight away and were lucky to find a lovely house in our price range during the first week. To make it even better it was empty so there was no chain. We managed to really pile on the pressure and by the end of May the house was ours. All our stuff arrived mid June and finally in June 2010 we were all together in our own home. Hubby was working part time in a job as a carer - not what he wanted but it was better than nothing, my son had a part time job as a domestic at the local hospital and I had gained a promotion at work. All was settling down nicely. We enjoyed our life and soon got into a routine. After a while though we started to miss NZ more and felt that although we were happy here in the UK there was something missing.

So we have made a plan - subject to change of course. Our son is to start Uni in September on a 2 year course which will give him a qualification in a job on the LTSSL, my daughter qualifies as a teacher this year (also on the LTSSL). They both want to return to NZ and we have decided to follow them in 3 -4 years. That will give us time to reduce our debts & mortgage over here so we will have more capital to take with us. It will also give us time to make sure the in-laws health is as well as it can get (they were not too good when we left before but are much better now) and we can sow the seeds earlier. Also family will know that it will not be too bad as they have already gone through it once before. We know we will settle better. We know what to expect and we have had the opportunity to compare the two much closer now. When (or if) we go it will definitely be for good so we need to make sure it is the right thing to do. Just need to wait, enjoy ourselves and earn as much as we can in the meantime. We are lucky, we feel at home in 2 different countries. Not many people have the opportunity to choose like we do. Pity we had to go round the houses and back again before we realised it.

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  1. MotherBear's Avatar
    Thanks for the update, Nicky. Only just spotted you'd done it as we sadly don't have many blogs these days so I tend not to look for them.

    Your plans are certainly long term and a lot can happen during the next 3-4 years but it'll give you plenty of time to assess what you've got now and what you hope to gain by returning to NZ. Maybe you'll decide to return earlier. Sounds like a scouting party will be there before you and they can set things up ahead of your arrival. It will make everything that much easier if you've got family already in NZ to suss out the lie of the land and give you feedback on available housing, jobs etc. The NZ bug doesn't seem to be leaving you so I hope you'll get the opportunity to return and settle for good if you can keep the dream alive all that time. Having the kids there will act as a pull and a reminder of how things can be.
  2. SteveyC's Avatar
    Hey Nicky

    Was around the forum in 2006 so probablt just at the start of your journey. Just wanted to let you know that we know how you feel as we too had to return to the UK from NZ although almost instantly knew we fefinitely wanted to go back.
    We have now started the long term planning for an arrival in similar timescale to yours, so a word of encouragement really, you're not alone and please stay in touch on the forums, that way you won't have to re-research everything 3 years down the line as things change. Plus the forum needs us as I've learnt after a 5 year absence was heaving when I first joined, pretty baron now I'm sorry to say.


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