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Not so sure now :(

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by , 15-05-2009 at 08:08 PM (26344 Views)
When Colin lost his job (5th feb my b-day) we were totally gutted.
Then he got a casual contract, which was very casual, and ended in april.
Now 15th may (my sons b-day) and yet again, another huge kick in the teeth.
A woman calls last monday out of blue and asks Colin to come in and see her. Tells him about this fantastic job (supervisor, company car more money etc etc) And of course we are
She rings back and asks him to come in next day and meet the other guys, which he does and again all goes fab.
We think we are on to a winner here, and thinking all those weeks of financial struggling, worry (im breaking out in psyrosis) and shitting ourselves about how we are well overstaying the work permit. We think alas its almost over.
Then today, Colins 8th b-day, she phones and tells him, they cant afford to take on anyone after all. Oh she will keep him on file, but nothing just now.
Why the F##k do people do that to you?
She didnt find fault with anything, loved his personality, appearance everything.
She even got his number of this other guy who keeps promising him there is work,and a job for him, but when is the thing.
He recommended colin saying hes a cracking guy.
Well i just wish they would give him a bloody job.
We are now at the stage, we think we have made a huge mistake coming here, and cannot afford now to go back.
We are demented.
My job also was up to 19 and half hrs, which i was fine with, as 10 were with a wee man who i get on well with.
Then his daughter decided to fire him into sheltered housing, and i drop 10 hrs
I have told company i need more hrs, well i got 2 so far.
12 hrs a week.
Thats our total income
No help whatsoever as we on work permits.
Just relying on folks back home.
I hope this ends soon, as im really now at my wits end.
And to top it, our neighbours that just moved in are nutters. They sit in car just revving away, and all out in the street tonight, with police cars and ambulances. one of them shouting over at another neighbour "what you looking at" and lobbed something into his garden.
So made a mistake moving to this area.
But hoping the whole move to NZ hasnt been an even bigger one, as before this shit happened we were happy

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  1. Taffy's Avatar
    Thats awful. Both myself and a friend have had the exact same thing happen. All wonderful and amazing, we want you for sure and -oh wait - no, we cant afford you after all.

    Instead of thinking about leaving the country, why not consider just a change of city within NZ? Welly isnt too far away from you and there should be good work opportunity there? Don't let a couple of idiot employers and lowlife neighbours put you off, as you said - you were happy before all this so it's not the country, just the 'now'!!
  2. nickydwuk's Avatar
    I can really feel for you meadow. As Taffy said- it may not be NZ just a change of scene maybe. A different part of Chch or NZ may make a difference. Is Colin looking all over NZ for work?
  3. Meadow's Avatar
    Cheers Taffy and Nicky.
    We dont like the area that we are in just now. Its north Brighton, we prefered South Brighton.Its not far between them, but it makes one heck of a difference
    And its more finances to actually make a move further afield, which just now is pretty impossible.We would have to do whole new work permits etc
    And to be honest, we love it here in Chch. If this hadnt happened, we still would be happy as pigs in ....
    I felt better today though, i think it pissed me off more yesterday as these things were happening on b-days, strangely enough.
    And i just felt so sorry for Colin, as he was totally convinced he had it.
    My mum phoned yesterday too, and she was going to Blackpool for a weekend, and when i told her Colin never got the job, she was a bit sniffly towards end of the phone call, which again made me feel so crap.I knew she was going away thinking and worrying about us.
    She feels sorry for us as she knows the effort we put in, and she knows how much we love it here, she loved her holiday here too.
    She also knows that back there, jobs are impossible too.
    I really dont want to go back, but getting a bit worried that immigration might send us back.
    Anyway my dad is helping again, financially, poor wee soul, but he knows how hard it is, and we have emailed a few different types of jobs, hoping that immigration will maybe even change his permit to an open one instead of trying to get just one type of job,which just now is proving very difficult.
    Fingers crossed. As i said we were so happy here, and no regrets, but just this past couple of month it has been a bit of a test.
    Im pretty optimistic again, and i do think it will turn around (surely)
    We had a lovely wee day out today and again appreciating what NZ has to offer.
    Putting thoughts of work right out of our heads
    And hopefully the week ahead might bring some good news eh

    Cheers again
  4. MotherBear's Avatar
    Oh Eileen, I'm so sorry things have turned out this way and that I missed this blog yesterday. I've been wracking my brain for ways to help you, but NZ and its tight immigration rules are very restrictive. If only Colin was free to take on any old job to get by until something better comes along, that would at least put some food on your table. It would make him feel better too, that he was doing something positive instead of hanging around waiting for something that isn't going to happen any time soon. Not being able to get a job is one thing, but all those false promises are only rubbing salt into the wound.

    There may be something in what Taffy says about shifting to another area and starting the job search afresh but, as you say, moving and starting up anew isn't without its costs. If you decided to think along those lines, would it be possible for Colin to go ahead on his own? Once he'd started work again and had some money behind him, you'd have sufficient funds to make the move to join him. It's certainly not an ideal situation and you won't want to be separated, but it may not be for long. I wonder if there's any way you could apply for visitors' permits without dropping yourselves in it with immigration. That would give you 6 months for Colin to look for a job and once he got one, he could apply for his work permit again. I really can't say whether the fact that you are overstayers will be a big issue or not. You could do with talking to someone 'in the know' without exposing yourselves to unwanted trouble and you do need to know how you stand. I wonder if it's worth putting a post on the forum giving a brief rundown of what's happened and asking if anyone knows a company that's looking for someone with his skills. You just never know who's reading these posts.

    My heart goes out to you and I pray you can get yourselves out of this dreadful mess, which isn't really of your own doing. All these false promises have only kept Colin hanging on in anticipation when he really should have been moving on to something more positive.
  5. Meadow's Avatar
    Cheers Motherbear, and thats right, for weeks he keeps getting told by this guy in a company, oh call back next week, he is to call again on wed this week.
    It was same guy who passed his number on to the other company.
    The guy sounds really genuine, and has done all the background checks on Colin. Colin knows some of the guys in the company and they are all vouching for him too.
    Its just the guy is waiting on the contract kicking right in and then he will be hiring guys, and he did say Colin first on list.
    Thinking of going into immigration tomorrow and coming clean. Must admit im terrified, but got to stage now if they say go, we say pay our flights then, as we have nothing.
    Hoping as im registered now with an NZQA and my company have said they will back me up, on how im going to go further.
    Also Nicole studying ECE at college, and wee Colin at school, that they will have some sympathy
    But as you say they have their restrictions and guidelines, so might not be the case
    When we went to immigration when Colin first lost job, they said that they dont chuck you out next day, but they dont like to find 3, 4 month down the line your still out of work.
    Lol so we are only about half way there
    Then again thats one girls opinion, could go in tomorrow and get a right nasty bugger
    Well find out one way or another tomorrow eh
  6. MotherBear's Avatar
    Every now and then you will end up with a right Jobsworth who won't budge from the rules. However, from what I hear, INZ rules are not cast in stone and I'm sure they would rather you laid your cards on the table and try to sort things out with them than holding back in the hope you won't get caught. There's every chance you will get someone who has a heart and can think outside the box. If Colin can get something on company letter heading stating that he will be given first option for a job when the contract comes through, something should be put in place for you one way or another. Much better to get things out in the open rather than have them festering away in the background, dragging you all down even further. After all, Colin has skills that NZ needs so I would hope they'd have the sense to realise that.

    Are you already overstayers? If so you'll need to explain how that happened i.e. you've continually been strung along waiting for this contract to come through, thinking it would be any minute. You're reasoning is genuine and I would hope they would see that. Also the fact that you really would like to stay in NZ should go in your favour.
  7. Dawn's Avatar
    Meadow, I am so sorry to hear this. I haven't been on here in a while and last time I knew you were loving it. What Taf says is right, it's not where you are it's just what's happening right now. You know that you are being asked to endure. You are being asked just how much you want to be here. If you can just stay with it and have faith, you'll soon see light at the end of the tunnel. You must believe in yourselves and stay strong. Think about what was different between then and now, what was different in your attitudes and your way of thinking. My guess is positivity. It's easy to stay positive when everything's going well and not so easy when life's shit. Try to find positivity again and focus on it, talk it, act it, share it. Energy follows thought girl, so think about what you want to attract. Every thought you put out attracts like. Try to think about where you want to be and what you want to happen rather than where you are and what is happening.

    I might sound like I'm talking tosh but believe me, you control your destiny'

    Get back behind the drivers wheel girlfriend and steer it where you want to go :]]]
  8. Meadow's Avatar
    Thanks Dawn
    Yip i had thought maybe this is just a wee scare to make us realise how much we do want to stay
    As i did say to Colin one night, thats it, we have to seriously think about selling our gear and getting flights back.
    when he started suggesting things i felt physically sick, and then thought no way
    We had all the scares in Glasgow, Lost jobs, wondering if house was going to sell, booking containers
    And to think you go through all that, there was loads of worry then too, as we had never even seen NZ
    Shitting ourselves coming through, knowing we only had visitors visas but all our paperwork, bank statements etc in hand luggage. Always knowing if they sussed we could get sent back
    Now that was fear.
    Anyway im feeling more positive, and have asked my company about me going full time.
    And Colin has to phone the guy at alufix on wed again, if he hasnt heard from him before.
    So again fingers crossed. The guy did say it wont be long now as he has loads more work coming in, so he will be looking for more bodies soon, and Colins the first call.
    Cheers again Dawn for the words of wisdom, i do think your right x
  9. MotherBear's Avatar
    I believe, if we all think positive thoughts for you, it can only help.
  10. Dawn's Avatar
    You're right too MB and I am sending bright, strong, positive thoughts of love and light to Meadow right now. I'll keep you in my thoughts over the next little while girlfriend and I know many others will do the same.

    Hugs, music and light
  11. zummerzet_lou's Avatar
    Sorry - have only just seen this ... I can't imagine what you're going through right now, but just wanted to add that you know where we are should you need us.

    Am still keeping everything crossed for some good news ;-)
  12. Meadow's Avatar
    thanks Lucy x
    And thanks to all of you and your positive feedback, it honestly does help

    Hopefully this week he will have an interview, and again he has to phone that guy

    Then if no joy this week, going to immigration on monday and facing it
    Going to try and get an appointment with one of them, and explain whole situation.
    Ive found them really nice and helpful, so hopefully that continues

    But any exciting news and i will post on straight away

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