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Back in the UK

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by , 03-10-2008 at 03:01 PM (2017 Views)
I have returned to look after my mum who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to my sister's insistance that she go for a routine screening the consequences would have been much worse.

Mum has had the tumours removed today and tests were carried on the lymph nodes and they were clear. A course of Radio-therapy to follow and hopefully that will be it.

As you can imagine the last 5-6 weeks were very worring and being in NZ the quality of information was patchy.

Being back 'unplanned' has been strange but I can now relax and help mum recover and can now plan to meet up with friends.

I even suffered from a severe bout of Man Lag (clinically acute jet lag for men) because during the second evening, while at my cousin's house, I happened to wander into the lounge and saw that last minute or so of some Northern Bint singing a Shania Twain song on a re-run of Stars in Their Eyes on a cable channel. It seemed like I kind of knew this person although never actually met them.

The tried and tested 'more alcohol' seemed to cure me of the condition.

It's been tough for me missing Ange and our kids so much more than I'd expected. Not as tough as I'd thought I was.

As it's Breast Cancer Awareness Month it is time to make time to get checked out as it could save your or a loved one's life.

So if you're are loving and caring person then you owe it to your partner to perform a preliminary breast examination (you may even have your own special tool for this?) a professional examination will of course be mandatory too.

Being an especially caring person I'll be hoping to examine Ange with some urgency on my return as its for her own good. Er OK For the sake of the children at least.

Only another two weeks till I'm back ......A line from Trainspotting comes to mind

SPUD: I've got balls like watermelons, I'm telling you.

Anyway time to go. Hang on what its like to be back?

A good question.

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  1. ebianca's Avatar
    Am I allowed to show this to the lovely Ange and warn her of her impending examinations?

    Glad all is well with your mum- Ange had told me today that she had the surgery. We are all taking care of Ange and the kids in your absence- they have had plenty of invites out for dinner seen as you're not there to cook for them LOL.

    Catch up with you when you come home to the sunnier half of the world x
  2. hatter5's Avatar

    Need I have to remind Neil of his obligations too?

    I am a fan of 'honesty is the best policy' BUT nature should be allowed to take it's course and in the spirit of BCAM I think it prudent that Ange shouldn't spend any uncessary time worrying over such things until the last moment.

    To be honest Ange will be more concerned about at least one of these by the time I return -

    a) Poor grammar/punctuation and spelling.
    b) Failing eyesight
    c) Hairy Palms
    d) A basket ball or two

    Daylight has arrived and I'm watching ITV3 with 'Robin of Sherwood' - The one's with Jason Connery and this episode has Richard O' Brien in. Time to sleep as the Man Lag seem's to be back.

    Oh Bugger! mums back in the morning so I'd better tidy up properly.
  3. ebianca's Avatar
    No need to worry- Neil carries out his examinations far too regularly although sometimes he is discreet and puts me through the trauma whilst i'm sleeping. LOL

    I will try not to get Ange to worried then- after all 2 weeks is a long time to be anxious of such a severe procedure.

    You should be watching Jeremy Kyle with your cup of tea and a biscuit like a true english man.

    Now you get off and do the housework so you can give Neil some tips on your return.
  4. MotherBear's Avatar
    Glad to hear your mum had the all clear after the op. Hope she makes a speedy and sound recovery so you can get back to your family (and your rigorous 'health' checks) a.s.a.p.

    Would be interesting to hear your comparisons between UK and NZ, now that you've been back there for a while.
  5. Welshgirl's Avatar
    Thanks for checking in hatter5 - sending lots of hugs and wishes your mum's way

    I'm sure Ange is anticipating your return with... umm... some trepidation ... although, I'm sure she'll be fully aware that it's for her 'own' good
  6. Dawn's Avatar
    Some northern bint!!! Some northern bint!!!! You may not have met me matey but when you do you WILL PAY!!!!

    All the best for your mums recovery matey
  7. hatter5's Avatar
    Mum is doing fine. I cannot wait to get home.
    Luton has changed a bit, which is nice.
  8. Welshgirl's Avatar
    Great news about your mum

    Let us know when you're back on NZ soil
  9. selchie's Avatar
    Here's to your mother's complete recovery, Hatter. Kudos to your sister for getting her in for an exam.

    Careful ticking off some northern bints - they're not the sort to get a subtle revenge.

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