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Ayup spangos

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by , 23-05-2009 at 11:59 PM (11177 Views)
There's this frigin awesum place I live in and I'm trying to write about it but my fingers won't work proper. Now sum of you who know me might think that its Saturday and the red stuff has been flowing .............right from ere on in I am not going to correct my typos might be interesting eh!! Well, Taf and WG are not rounf ere so not too much red stuff but I av jus tx her and she said I wil talk to you 2moz bout the finer details coz i an at a party ad sum what funk and i tx er back and sed cool jus get funker. she is atart altho she behaves like princess. she was shakin her booty with me on fri big time and i remeinded her tha i sed we would be arrested together not her on her own behaving like a fee accepting tart. Not that she is a fee accepting tart for she is a respectable type who quite frankly is too respectable for me to be soon with for she would tarnish my free spirit image - righto lmao.

Somwtimes i dream that i inhabit another worls where colours and lines of invisble movement make up my visionary perspective. One of the little girls in my drama class said to me the other day that she could see little coloured dots in the corner of the stusio that made the shape of a bear but that shifted into other things too. I asked her if she inly saw a bear ans she saidf ;mostly' I said that it wasw amazing that she could see that and that she should keep trying to communicate. She looked at me with her old eyes and smiled like she knew I understood and I wondered how many times she had tried to tell people before. Umm cool!!

well, trackie bottoms and leotards are coming back into fashion I could not believe it when i logged oj to pineapple recently and saw the amount of 'body's on there. Reminds me of when I wa sbut alowly drams/dance student in London. I had no money for gas or leccy, I had holy tights and worn out leotrds and wore several pairs of leg warmers on my legs and arms to stay warm coz I coudnt afford to put any cash in leccy or gas meter. My 13 yr old son smells very similar to my used leotard gussets! Wy do 13 -16 yr old boys smell ike that? I'm sure my daughter never did. she is now 18 but her room never smelled like 16th century London. Charlies roonm is like stilton on acid. Bless him he is abeautiful boy but he stinks exceot fir 10 mins after he has just got out of the shower. He smellsl ike Alberto Balsam then even though I any bought Alberto Balsam for years.

My friggin shoulders are killin me. I dont know what I've done whether it;s the weights or the dance but my shoulders are sore I need a massage but i dont think even that would help much it hink i have hyper-extended somewhere along line.

taff is like true success story. started coming to mana (weight class) and liftin well not a lot, less than me actually an dnow he is agopd!!!!!! thats a god!!! as i am sworn to nto correcting my typos.

I am just thinking that compared to my other blogs this is frigginc rap

so iw ill refrain and re-convene tomorrow when I am more creative


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  1. selchie's Avatar
    Aye, you're mad, Dawn. However, I think I understood most of that, which makes me wonder about myself.
    Taffy... with muscles??? What is this world coming to?
  2. MotherBear's Avatar
    I'm still trying to work out where that outpouring stemmed from . And I'm still trying to fit all the pieces together, like a jigsaw puzzle. Maybe I'm just not switched on.

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