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Still no boiler!!!

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by , 05-04-2008 at 09:43 AM (17383 Views)
Three weeks ago our boiler stoped working. After 5 days an engineer finally came to look at it and told us we needed a new one. As we had a service cover on it the insurance company agreed to pay for a replacement boiler. However the company employed to arrange it then wasted a whole week trying to contact another company to 'survey' the boiler and install a new one. The problem being that this company they were trying to contact did not cover our area So we had to start from square one again. Eventually someone arranged to come and 'survey' the boiler by which time we had been without it for 3 weeks. It now seems that a new one will be installed next week. A whole month without hot water and heating.The heating is just preparation for NZ but it is the hot water we struggle with. Good job family live nearby and we can use their baths & showers. Just another dilemma to deal with

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  1. Taffy's Avatar
    Funny how no one cares how long they take when it doesnt affect them personally. Evil boiler people :(
  2. MotherBear's Avatar
    Pesky boiler, deciding to pack in now rather than in the summer when it's a lot warmer. As you say, Nicky, good job you've got family nearby for bathing purposes or you'd all be a very nice shade of blue by now.
  3. Welshgirl's Avatar
    Or even a nice shade of green, not having bathed or showered for 3 weeks
  4. nickydwuk's Avatar
    I'm not that bad !!!! Mum has let me use her bath on more than one occasion.
  5. MotherBear's Avatar
    I'd have thought you'd go a shade of brown or grey if you were dirty. Turning blue would mean you were very cold and going green would mean you were going mouldy, wouldn't it?

    This is getting to be a very colourful blog.
  6. selchie's Avatar
    By now you could have raised a nice crop of radishes behind your ears.

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