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First Blog

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by , 01-04-2008 at 08:46 PM (18842 Views)
Did I get the first one?

Well where do I start?!!!

We have been in NZ almost a week now and no regrets. Weather has been pretty good to us. The new car has been pretty good to us too.
Done plenty of driving around exploring different areas to live- a few favourites but Neil needs a job first so I know how much I can spend on a rental.

Went into Welli today- Neil had a couple of meetings with recruitment agencies (all sounds promising) while me and the girls had a good wander round- conclussion- a lovely city has a good clean feel to it and not too busy, plenty of nice looking shops too.

I can see use being happy here in Welli!!!!!

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  1. zummerzet_lou's Avatar
    Brilliant 1st blog ... am already looking forward to the sequel.

    Send Neil our best wishes in his job hunting.
  2. Taffy's Avatar
    Wait till the wind picks up :)

    Good on you for the blog though!
  3. MotherBear's Avatar
    Bravo, Beth but don't forget to update it as you go along. We'll all be sitting here with our tongues hanging out for more.

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