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  1. The 11th Commandment
  2. Give me strength!
  3. How to make the most of your supermarket chook
  4. Raining cats and dogs....well, dogs anyway
  5. Yawn, yawn, yawn, golf, yawn, yawn, yawn
  6. The things some people have to do
  7. If James can talk about his nightmares ...
  8. ZM just said it's snowing in......Johnsonville!
  9. I had a nightmare last night.....
  10. It could all have been very different
  11. Council Tax Rant (for those leaving the UK)
  12. Auckland has visitors?
  13. Not all  blondes are dumb
  14. MoveToNZ moving out of the square!
  15. Not for cat lovers
  16. Where is everyone?
  17. If you're not Maori'd yet......
  18. Fresh chook off the menu?
  19. Snip, snip in Auckland
  20. Kyoto targets and the tax-payer's burden
  21. Dig out the honey
  22. Air head
  23. NZers more friendly, even down to the criminals
  24. Happy 4th of July!
  25. the important things in life
  26. Poor Stevey (and all other POM's)
  27. Stick it where the light doesn't shine
  28. England v Portugal, Pom watching
  29. In honor of the World Cup!!!
  30. The Clock Wall
  31. How it all began
  32. Radio adverts
  33. Taking the p1ss out of dingoes
  34. NZ Passports
  35. end of world
  36. How adorable............yeah right!
  37. Read this if you were born before 1986.......
  38. All Blacks in Welly 22 July. Tix on sale 2moro at 9
  39. Al Sheepa needs your help - looking for a logo
  40. I've got an IT job in Welly!!!
  41. Itís official - Wellington is a safe city!
  42. The great New Zealand language
  43. Worrying
  44. Another kiwi invention
  45. Might save a few trees
  46. C'mon you guys
  47. World Cup over your PC
  48. Small Kitchens?!?!
  49. Avatars
  50. Isle of Man - Winning Kiwi
  51. Mozzies, midges and other beastly bugs!
  52. Be warned
  53. First brush with Kiwi crime
  54. couple of bad jokes
  55. Info on economical electricity usage
  56. Happy motoring
  57. That's not nice
  58. Oooh...errrr...
  59. Crafty but annoying
  60. Fancy a beer?
  61. Dog attack victim with a difference
  62. Not so fresh air?
  63. You off tomorrow, Stevey?
  64. Faster, cheaper broadband on its way
  65. Trying to close the stable door after the horse has bolted
  66. School holidays debate
  67. Free Audio Books Online
  68. An insight into the kiwi psyche?
  69. Australia Gang Wars
  70. BidnSave
  71. From small beginnings....
  72. Bless you!
  73. One for the lads
  74. Wonder where that came from?
  75. Awww!
  76. Drinking water precautions
  77. These kiwis and their continuing quest for alterna
  78. Mozzie alert
  79. Pack your thermals
  80. What to do with your old kauri stumps
  81. Wonder what he/she was high on
  82. Save the pukeko
  83. Some people just won't let go
  84. Two sides of the coin
  85. Have they got it wrong?
  86. Goldfish with the Kiwi Spirit!
  87. Can I eat it?
  88. Auckland I-spy
  89. Brits, you're easily replaceable
  90. Anzac Day
  91. Sheep Advertising
  92. Who's the biggest nutter, him or them?
  93. Trouble down south
  94. Stuck for something 'different' to make for dinner?
  95. Kitty control
  96. Traffic jams
  97. Women's prayer for Easter
  98. Have a happy Easter break everyone!
  99. Mmmmm, protein.
  100. Open wide!
  101. Brokeback Penguin....and other Brokeback spoofs
  102. 12 days to join ultra secretive group!!
  103. First NZ Birthday
  104. I'm not giving up on NZ yet!!! (Even with an Aussie GF)
  105. An alternative fuel?
  106. You might have seen this, but it's funny.....
  107. Well, this is my excuse..... What's yours?
  108. World's Fastest Indian
  109. For mums everywhere
  110. stress reliever for all us ladies
  111. Sons...they're as much use as a poke in the eye.
  112. Stunt Cat destined for upcoming movie!
  113. Cactus Lovers beware.....
  114. Course Aussies..............
  115. Bugger
  116. Mother s Day Poem - scribed by me!
  117. He seemed 'armless enough, officer.
  118. If all else fails.....
  119. Relocating chat room posts that didn't quite make it
  120. Rosey outlook
  121. I thought ebay UK was bad......
  122. Aussies criticise haka
  123. Sorry its a blonde joke
  124. Reassurance needed
  125. "Give me my bag back"
  126. Ouch!!
  127. Why men have 2 dogs and not 2 wives
  128. CHAT ROOM
  129. Enthusiastic Seller
  130. Airline Cabin Announcements
  131. This one made me laugh
  132. How to deal with hormones
  133. Is it still THAT warm down there?
  134. Now you know pig can fly - well, somehow...
  135. Mother Bear the Moderator!
  136. And they think it's only the hoons........
  137. Keep your lips off my bottle!
  138. New Rules for Employees
  139. Surfer Hit By Train In Kaikoura
  140. Oh no...
  141. Kiwi quiz
  142. Kiwi Speak
  143. Do I look like a mad cow?
  144. A cracker
  145. NZ to become a smoking no-go area?
  146. It's all those pies!
  147. All Whites (NZ Soccer) play on 23rd at North Harbour Stadium
  148. Will YOU be included this time round?
  149. Sexism or just a joke?
  150. (Don't) Smile please!
  151. lowest of the low tricks
  152. I should be so lucky!
  153. Happy Valentine's Day
  154. For you bikers
  155. Taser, anyone?
  156. It is actually quite funny!
  157. Chlorine and asthma link?
  158. Mother in Law beware
  159. A little bit of fun
  160. Smart Bird
  161. More misery for the Steve!!!
  162. Should International whaling Stop?
  163. NZ Adventure Part Three
  164. NZ Adventure Part Two
  165. MB - Congrats
  166. Mother Bear's arrived!
  167. Migrants guide to christchurch
  168. Here in auckland!!!
  169. Happy 2006!!
  170. If you're thinking of moving on......
  171. In the event of a terrorist attack....
  172. The morning after
  173. Greetings
  174. Drownings in NZ
  175. Not a very merry feline Christmas
  176. another good reason to make the move....
  177. Hi from NZ
  178. I hope I never get this desperate!
  179. A postie's job is not a happy one
  180. Where was your favourite holiday?
  181. Effective
  182. A joke about Kiwi women
  183. Whatever you do, don't laugh
  184. Going off radar for a bit
  185. silly question
  186. They'll make up their minds one day
  187. NZers showing up on obesity table
  188. A bit of history
  189. How are you doing Skybluearmy?
  190. Wellie's red light district
  191. The NZ Adventure.
  192. Don't get in the way of this
  193. My re-entry to the USA....and the resulting confusion
  194. Come on then.....whose Jinxed me!!??
  195. Crime in NZ
  196. Omani home to rent?
  197. Coffee Calorie Alert!
  198. The reason for NZ's low crime rate
  199. Umaga barred from Dublin pubs
  200. Jokes
  201. A little story from Oz
  202. Beat it, don't eat it!!
  203. Where's SteveyC been?
  204. Another Reason to flee the UK.........................
  205. Trick or Treat!
  206. Broken Bear
  207. Stand up comedy on 31 Oct 05 by James "bin" Carman
  208. A cat question
  209. Mens urinal in Queenstown
  210. All play and no work....
  211. Why are NZers called kiwis...
  212. TV guide and road code
  213. What big smiles!!!
  214. Fair's fair
  215. Got an interview
  216. What a girl will do!!
  217. Only in America.....
  218. Some homework for you
  219. Can't win 'em all
  220. 'Love' in the Arabian Gulf
  221. Toilet humour - not for those of a delicate nature
  222. Quick quiet update
  223. EEEKKK I'm surrounded by monsters!!!
  224. Where to settle?
  225. amazing news for me
  226. What do you work at?
  227. NZ Travelers: AA "Frequent Stayer" Offer
  228. Xena, Santa and Easterbunny are Real!
  229. Don't read this if you haven't time for a rant!!
  230. Nothing much to talk about
  231. Moral Dilemma
  232. Changing the flag?
  233. Getting one over on the Criminals
  234. Hello Everyone
  235. Herding Cats
  236. Housing complaints
  237. Employee of the month
  238. Some deep thoughts
  239. Retirement calculator
  240. Have a safe flight Welshgirl
  241. Milford Track
  242. Tips for helping Stevey sell his house
  243. paella recipie
  244. A couple of bright sparks!
  245. Why do you think the UK has such a bad name?
  246. Forum...
  247. If you couldn't get into NZ..........
  248. Where did you get that name?
  249. Google Earth
  250. Wrod Paly - something for a Sunday read.