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  1. information needed !
  2. Work visa troubles
  3. Temporary work visa
  4. Resident Visa
  5. Section 61 Experience?
  6. Is NZ visa work allowed to work in australia ?
  7. what is the best way to find job for new mgrants ?
  8. Help with Work to Residency/Work Permit Extension
  9. LTSS related question.
  10. Newzealand Visa:
  11. Partnership sponsored WV ... any other good advice? So stressed and worried!
  12. variation of conditions to WTR and working notice
  13. New Zealand immigration specialists
  14. WHV quick question
  15. Hard to find work with an open work permit
  16. WTR Visa Granted, job offer with new stratup company
  17. Changing employers on special event work visa
  18. Having question related to IELTS and SMC
  19. Dates of arrival-departure/lack of!
  20. 2 adults on temp work visas, what to get for baby?
  21. Work to Residency Query
  22. visa help
  23. Family Stream Partner Visa Query
  24. Wtr
  25. extention of work visa
  26. Applying for Graduate Work Experience visa
  27. Work visa under sponsorship - can be revoke?
  28. Studying on a Job Search Visa
  29. Breached visa terms with self employed work on student permit
  30. WV & job?
  31. What visa now teacher no longer on LTSSL?
  32. PR Partnership
  33. Can I Change My Visa?
  34. Visa Question
  35. Tourist Visa
  36. PPI received from Case Officer from LONDON Branch
  37. Explaination Letter received from Case Officer from LONDON Branch
  38. HAD Interview with CO from London Branch
  39. when is the appropriate time to lodge the application?
  40. Help needed for working holiday -> residency
  41. Can I save my future or its destroyed?
  42. Partnership work visa and PR questions
  43. SOS! Having difficulties with student visa! Help!
  44. Which Visa's??
  45. work visa & PR
  46. WTR Visa processing time
  47. Working more than 12months on a WHV!!
  48. No Immigration Statuse!!
  49. WTR Visa application assistance from the UK
  50. Student Visa/Work Visa
  51. police clearance for WTR application
  52. process and criteria for a WTR visa
  53. Working to Residency under Family Categorie
  54. WHV to possible family stream...Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  55. Details regarding visitors visa
  56. What visa?
  57. Work visa extension-Advice needed
  58. PLEASE HELP Need opinion or advice
  59. Add WHV after Visitor's Visa
  60. INZ Singapore! Problematic?
  61. WHV - Extension?
  62. Difficult situation...
  63. Advice needed! Soon-to-be UK graduate looking to move to New Zealand!
  64. Help!
  65. Partner - Based Applications
  66. Just arrived with PR, whats next ?
  67. decision has been recommended and the file is with the senior officer for review.
  68. Very confused over which Visa to apply for..
  69. Which Work Visa do I apply under?
  70. Section 61 Immigration Act
  71. Extension of a 12 month work permit
  72. VAriation of conditions?
  73. Taking Up Offer of Employment
  74. Peculiar situation - help required
  75. Confused WHV
  76. Eoi vs working holiday and married
  77. residency
  78. Work permit for ISSL job
  79. Settle and work in New Zealand
  80. advise needed urgently for our partnership based permit!!!
  81. The old question of how to be with your partner! HELP!
  82. help what do i do
  83. Visa free country/ overstay..
  84. No evidence but want her here
  85. Work visa for my parter,
  86. Work permit to Residency
  87. My girlfriend wants me there too soon!!!!!
  88. Separated/Work Permit/Want to stay
  89. Teaching jobs
  90. Sufficient evidence of genuine relationship
  91. Marrying a new zealander as a tourist-urgent !!!!!
  92. Work permit and marriage-------urgent plzz
  93. Work Visa on Partnership
  94. Graduate Job Search Work visa or Closed Work Visa
  95. work visa declined/marriage to stay in country
  96. New student interim visa system
  97. Urgent Visa/ Advice
  98. Advise on Family Stream visa please
  99. Work permit extension options
  100. Police Certificate
  101. Question regarding career?
  102. Work Visa / Work Permit
  103. Waiting time for work permit appln
  104. Open Work Permit (have questions and I am confused... need clarity)
  105. Procedure: Applying for WHV?
  106. Work Permit
  107. Do i need a police report??
  108. Work Talent visa New delhi processing time
  109. WP delay, dual passport early entry option?
  110. please help quick! partnership reference letters
  111. Does anyone have experience with Immagine New Zealand immigration advisors?
  112. WHV - WORK VISA or even PR?
  113. Visa advice
  114. Please help - relationship visa
  115. changing job in same region but degrading position.......
  116. Changing a single entry work permit into a multiple entry work permit
  117. Work to Residence Visa
  118. Partnership Work Permit for national of non visa-free country
  119. recoment where to start working holiday and with who
  120. Applying for temp work permit based on partnership.
  121. Would I have to leave NZ to get another 2-year WP (under partnership)?
  122. Work Permit with multiple entry visa
  123. Completing form INZ1146
  124. assurances and conditions for potential WTR employers
  125. Working visa's and medicals
  126. Whv
  127. can i learn a skill when i over there
  128. WHV valid whilst on a new work permit?
  129. 3 Year Work Permit
  130. Couple want to be together: Working Holiday Visa and Visitor Visa
  131. Started as an internet relationship, now we want to be together..
  132. China Working Holiday Scheme
  133. Work permit on back of SMC application and a few questions
  134. Got WorkPermit on back of SMC and have a few questions
  135. Work permit under Partnership
  136. VisaView - new facility
  137. Convert Working Holiday Visa to Tourist Visa
  138. Please help - urgent work permit advice needed!!!
  139. re-applying for work permit and sponsorship questions
  140. Employer requirements
  141. WHV and Marriage
  142. Dose fatty liver affect the application of open work visa?
  143. Want to move back to NZ with US husband
  144. Work to Residence
  145. Overstayer - what happens if they leave the country
  146. Working in New Zealand on Permanent Residency Bridging Visa in Australia
  147. work permit through partnership
  148. Permanent Residence - Partnership break up
  149. Applying for a work permit whilst on WHV
  150. once issued work permit, can you leave and other questions…..
  151. help sponsorship etc.
  152. Work Permit-how long does time of waiting??
  153. My partner is an overstayer - how to sort out residency?
  154. Residence permit under partnership.
  155. recognition letter, please need urgent feedback
  156. Working holiday visa to full residency?
  157. Which visa to apply for?
  158. Hi I need help!!!
  159. work permit under partnership
  160. certification of a statutory declaration
  161. Health Insurance question
  162. any tips to find any odd job
  163. Job shadowing for experience while visiting family
  164. My girfriend is Australian
  165. need work permit
  166. Work Permit Granted, But...
  167. Your honest opinion on work visa under partnership
  168. Getting married while on a work permit?
  169. Changing employers?
  170. Applying for Working holiday visa with NZ child
  171. got into immigration loop. need advice.
  172. Unsure what to apply for next
  173. very confused - and now really stressed! (Partner sponsored work visa)
  174. New visa under fire
  175. Work visa 'entry and exit' dates query...
  176. Temp Visa - looking at long-term stay?
  177. Hapatis B test
  178. Liver Function Test ALT Level
  179. joined my partner and confused about applying for a work permit
  180. Can some one please offer any/some advice!
  181. Partner VISA - Some help would be really appreciated I am confused!
  182. Talent work to residence visa waiting time ??
  183. Need help !!!
  184. How can I stay
  185. Complicated- work permit issue affecting residency application
  186. WHV - working more than 3months same employer
  187. Family Sponcer Adult Child Application
  188. work permit - advice re family
  189. Work permit from vwp
  190. MoveToNZ's Licensed Immigration Adviser
  191. Help - Student Visa
  192. Open work permit under family stream
  193. Help please someone
  194. Temporary Work Visa & Residency for my Fiancee
  195. Temp Visa Application following delay in Skilled Migrant Visa
  196. Work Visa into Work Permit
  197. family dependant residence help needed ASAP
  198. "Flaws" in WTR.
  199. Work Permit Family (Partnership) Stream - Evidence, Timeframe and Other Bits!!
  200. What happens if you loose your job?
  201. Can I work in NZ and leave my husband who is the lead visa in the UK for 18 months?
  202. Hi there! Can you give me a hand here? :)
  203. applying for permit through partner after decline of previous application
  204. work permit family question
  205. after job offer, work-to-residence visa or work visa/permit ?
  206. Further Work Permit
  207. 12 Month Student Visa/Permit
  208. Working holiday to residence
  209. Desperately looking for work :(
  210. work visa helath issue PR help ADVICE ME
  211. Work visa - Family stream confusion; in desperate need of some advice/help
  212. Could use some advice, please.
  213. application for work permit (process in theory)
  214. Job on ISSL - work permit still a problem?
  215. Work Visa after ITA lodged
  216. Police Certificate?
  217. 6 months work permit
  218. Changing Jobs with Work Permit
  219. No luck with jobs!
  220. WTR and multiple entries
  221. work permit is terrible
  222. visitors permit medical?
  223. Govt raises bar for migrant kids
  224. Certificates certified in my home country?
  225. Staying less than 6 months
  226. WTR to PR
  227. Any idea father's permission
  228. Variation of Conditions - Permit Issued
  229. visa deadline
  230. Variation of Conditions
  231. Something to add...
  232. How can I apply for work permit under partnership?
  233. 2nd working holiday visa?
  234. graduate Job search Visa?
  235. Applied for Variation of Condition
  236. isnt it great!
  237. High BMI advise needed
  238. hello and advice please
  239. Form 1146 - help needed
  240. Form 1146 - partner supporting thingy!
  241. Order of application
  242. Got a Job Offer!
  243. Immigration consultants?
  244. Work permit application problems!
  245. Work/Partner Visa Help
  246. partner visa query... overstayer
  247. Job not on LTSSL or ISSL
  248. Pregnancy rights on working holiday visa
  249. Applying for temp work visa/permit based on partnership
  250. Can I apply for PR and work permit under partnership at the same time?