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  1. Approved in principle at long last
  2. Work Permit or PR or other...
  3. Job Hunting Techniques in NZ
  4. Fiber Optics Jobs in NZ
  5. Moved goalposts - police certificates !!!
  6. changing from WHV to residency
  7. Partner working status
  8. work permit question
  9. ID check and the delay in final decision
  10. Medical question on form filling
  11. Temporary Work Visa & INZ
  12. Changing Jobs - Visa Implications
  13. 12 Months Visitor's Visa/Permit for Partners of WHV Holders Possible?
  14. Visitor's Permit + Variation of Conditions = Part-time Work Permit?
  15. Migrant problems 'ticking time bomb'
  16. Immigration red tape for hiring staff 'totally absurd'
  17. A few questions...
  18. Work Permit Under Family Policy
  19. Work visa or permenant residency?
  20. my plan...
  21. Does an skilled migrant offered a job by NZ government???
  22. that elusive 'job offer'
  23. Visa advice for a teacher moving to NZ .. ?
  24. Govt moves to stop international students 'waka jumping'
  25. mother bear
  26. When is good to move to NZ
  27. How long can I stay in NZ without a job?
  28. FWTB - SOme Queries
  29. Need Your Help
  30. What should we apply for?
  31. Self advertizing pages for sponsorship
  32. A little advice, please
  33. Is it possible to extend Working Holiday Visa
  34. hello again
  35. work permit conditions
  36. Also Australia?
  37. Work Permit Extension- Can't find job
  38. Work Permit - Study to Work Policy
  39. work permit (revoked). I need more time to search for a job to apply for a new WP
  40. WTR Help (Please!)
  41. Will we be forced to leave NZ
  42. Medical issue
  43. work permit form question
  44. working visa. No police certificate yet
  45. Help! Work visa/permit in process
  46. WTR and job worries
  47. Trying to find thread
  48. Help please - visa's etc
  49. Which visas? Help!
  50. Job opportunity - Resource Economist Policy Analyst
  51. Residence under skilled migrant and not work?
  52. Work permit renewal
  53. CV vs. Resume
  54. Another Love..
  55. Work Permit for Love? Is it possible?
  56. WP through Family stream.
  57. Supported under partnership more than once??
  58. WTR and child education
  59. about to get marriage...
  60. Work Permit declined twice!
  61. Work Permit Partnership Policy To Resident
  62. leaving boyfriend behind...
  63. Job Offer but now pregnant
  64. work visa- no passport
  65. Dependent Visa to me and 2 kids
  66. work visa/permit applying there or in uk
  67. Talent Visa.
  68. Plan for having baby under work permit partnership policy
  69. Work Permit under Partnership
  70. Can you get a work-visa to be self-employed???
  71. Extending Work Permit/Visa
  72. Aussie bringing Argentine Girlfriend to NZ to work...
  73. Work permit dependents visa.
  74. Work permit renewals
  75. Case Officer Resigned
  76. LTBV and student visas
  77. work permit (how not to loose job waiting for it?)
  78. When to apply for Work Permit
  79. COnfusing! 911! 111!
  80. Time frame for external assessors of medicals - Any experience/idea?
  81. 2 Questions - Work Permit/Visa
  82. need advice please
  83. partnership open work visa V's visitors Visa
  84. Applying for Permit while on Visitor visa
  85. Visitors Visa (Parents)
  86. [B]Anyone work permit >70 processing days?[/B]
  87. 23-month Working Holiday Visa
  88. Which permit should i go for?
  89. Work to Residence or Workpermit
  90. general information
  91. Work permit questions/Work to residency
  92. Work Permit - Panic
  93. Work Visa time frames
  94. Visitors Visa and Work Permit
  95. Work Visa Verification Process
  96. I am confused vist visit
  97. Is character waiver required for WP ?(family stream)
  98. your advise, please
  99. Ltbv
  100. processing time
  101. changes to work permit
  102. RP Approved Job Offer Withdrawn.Please Advice
  103. children student permit mother on work permit
  104. Visitor's visa while PR application in process
  105. Help - which is the best Visa
  106. character waiver for work visa
  107. LTSSL WTR and Accredited Employers
  108. InTotal How many years I can extend work permit..
  109. From Work permit under partnership to Skilled Migrant Way?
  110. NZQA question...
  111. child care qualifications
  112. Principal Applicant
  113. Accredited Employers
  114. is a WH visa right for me ?
  115. Open WP for my pregnant wife
  116. Work permit/visa for NZ
  117. PR application is in threat.. advice plz.
  118. Using a recruitment agency for job search?
  119. Changing Jobs on work permit
  120. Which visa
  121. Change of Circumstances - Xmas Dilema !!!
  122. Documents from Employer for WTR (LTSSL) and WP
  123. From work permit to residency
  124. New Zealand Student Visa
  125. WTR and PR (SMC) differences
  126. Resigning from current job before WP arrives
  127. Holiday/work or work/holiday or what?
  128. EOI or Work Permit?Which one to go for?
  129. Cost & time
  130. Can i apply for a work permit without a job from overseas?
  131. Getting Spouse on Visit Visa
  132. Residency is being done? what do I do mean while?
  133. Job offer/work permit Req
  134. Work/Residence Permit and Spouse Last Name
  135. Work to Residence and Spouse permit
  136. How long will it take?
  137. when granted perminant residency.
  138. WHV to PR
  139. Working Permit + Driving License
  140. Work permits could be axed
  141. Visas and time
  142. Working Holiday Visa
  143. Work Permit - Urgent Please !!!
  144. Work Permit or Residence Permit?
  145. living in Canada...wanting to move to NZ
  146. UK passport living in OZ visiting New Zealand
  147. What is the percentage of getting a job??
  148. $ 55 000 base salary
  149. Explanation of OTE?
  150. Cert Levels.
  151. Still a bit confused
  152. Ird
  153. Type of Visa
  154. Visitor visa issues.
  155. Going self employed
  156. Help with work visa
  157. 1 week stay with Work Visa.
  158. Insurance needed for WHV/Work Permit
  159. I got my BLUE STICKER today....took only 5 days!
  160. Work Permit and children
  161. Work Visa Advice
  162. visitor visa querry
  163. Starting the journey - work to residence
  164. Work permit help please....
  165. Getting Visa Stamped from another country
  166. south african arriving as visitor - work
  167. How do i convert my Student Visa in to Work permit visa
  168. Approved WHV!! Now what?
  169. Part time job on work permit?
  170. Changing jobs on work visa
  171. Experience & Qualifications for Work Permit?
  172. A little confused about work permits vs travel visas
  173. changing from WHV to work visa
  174. Permanent Residence
  175. Work Visa Issued, Do I have to Process Work Permit
  176. Do I need a Transit Visa through Australia to New Zealand
  177. Student Visa
  178. processing time for work permit
  179. Question about Visitor Visa
  180. Can I get a Work Permit Before a Job Offer?
  181. Pls help-Visa expiring
  182. Visa Granted!
  183. Helpful hints in securing a job offer, please
  184. Pregnant on Work to Residency Visa
  185. advice on getting my boyfriend work
  186. part-time job as a piano tutor
  187. New Zealand Qualifications Authority
  188. inquiry about my WP
  189. Can you apply for a Skilled Migrant while on Working Holiday?
  190. BUNAC from US to NZ?
  191. teachers pay in NZ
  192. Getting into NZ??
  193. General question :)
  194. Needing Assistance
  195. Help Me Please Pretty Please! N.n.e.b Qualification
  196. Visa processing duration-South Africa INZ office
  197. Work in New zealand
  198. anyideas for Bringing girlfriend
  199. Can anyone help?
  200. Accounting job for WP?
  201. Fiji fellow
  202. Work Visa- General Policy
  203. Noob process question
  204. Urgent advice needed
  205. Working holiday visa or not?
  206. which course should apply
  207. Help!
  208. urgent
  209. Need Help URGENT!!!!
  210. Study question
  211. a little help plz
  212. Workingn and living in NZ
  213. Farm work
  214. wow that was quick!
  215. Can i run this past you all
  216. job search visa
  217. minimum wage
  218. help for student course
  219. Visitor visa to work permit urgent!!!
  220. visitor visa
  221. in trouble
  222. Does Anyone Know...........
  223. Could this plan work?
  224. Oversayed USA visa
  225. Business Visa
  226. Apply first or go NZ for a interview?
  227. Workpermit
  228. Work permit
  229. 3 months work limitation on WHV?
  230. change from WHV to work permit
  231. State criminal background check???
  232. Do I have a chance?
  233. Need Help!!Work Permit under Family Stream
  234. Application for residence form questions
  235. Chronic Obstructive Respiratory Disorder ( CORD) How long too live !!!
  236. Extending a WHV
  237. Urgent!!! Problem with my work permit
  238. applying for a job prior to visa?
  239. What if Your Employer is NOT Accredited?
  240. What else do I need?
  241. got to move quickly
  242. A questions about questions on application forms
  243. Can anyone help?
  244. need help
  245. Schools and healthcare!
  246. Please Suggest
  247. Changing careers
  248. Information Needed
  249. Really Confused...
  250. Hello all....confused people here