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  1. ITA almost complete
  2. ITA deadline
  3. CO Assignment!
  4. ipenz knowledge assessment letter
  5. Urgent Help needed : Settlement Interview scheduled , Main applicant is the wife ! :(
  6. IPENZ assessment letter
  7. Police clearance overseas
  8. Got Job Offer after ITA Logded
  9. ITA Process time and Masters admission
  10. visa approved
  11. Medical certificate for Infants
  12. National security check
  13. Permanent Residence Visa Question
  14. Immigration Profiling Group - SMC transferred from INZ London to IPG NZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. preparing police certificate
  16. Ita lapsed - ipenz ka02 knowledge assessment upgrading
  17. Smc application - preparation, submission & processing time
  18. CO's interviewing questions- SMC applicant's financial capabilities
  19. Regarding Processing Time at Immigration New Zealand – Beijing Branch
  20. Iraqi family - Initial accommodation, NZ
  21. ITA submitted - INZ London office - processing time
  22. Questions asked during the interview for a SMC application without a job offer
  23. Update
  24. NewZealand Immigration Process - Group
  25. ITA Received on 19 Sep, 2012 ---------------Pakistani
  26. ITA Received 19 Sep, 2012
  27. Finally Preparing for ITA
  28. ITA and IELTS
  29. New born baby medical Test
  30. Regarding IQA Exempt List
  31. What is the alternative for Birth Certificate.
  32. Please advise on: ITA granted but have decreased points after NZQA assesment
  33. At last I have work visa on my passport
  34. An advice required
  35. Health certificate status (online) - why has date changed?
  36. ITA and points
  37. Please help me ...its URGENT !
  38. Processing Time after Documents Submission (ITA) in Wellington Branch....?
  39. Wait even after VO took decision !
  40. Resident Visa
  41. Who is right: case officer or myself?
  42. Medical report
  43. ITA documents as listed in the letter from CO
  44. Wow that was fast
  45. Quality checks at ImmigrationProfiling Branch
  46. Issue i Medical
  47. Identified future growth area - letter
  48. What could be the out come
  49. Documents Preparation for ITA
  50. Need input on Birth Certificate
  51. Wait after interview ....... !
  52. Preparing for ITA submission (Singapore)
  53. Residence Application INZ100 Question on Section D
  54. Residency Question
  55. Time Frame
  56. minimum standard of English for non-principal applicant
  57. interview on monday!
  58. PPI received from Case Officer from LONDON Branch
  59. Will NZIS issue WTR or PR
  60. radiologist lab reports required
  61. BMI & waist measurements
  62. Ielts
  63. Impact on residence application
  64. ITA has ARRIVED!!
  65. How long does it take for stamping visa (Auckland) ?
  66. my resident Visa is still pending
  67. Ineed futher information
  68. Need Help Please
  69. Medical
  70. Christchurch Branch
  71. Applying Silver Fern Visa while waiting SMC Visa progress
  72. Mistake in my EOI
  73. Important Advice required Please !!!
  74. My ITA Status...still waiting
  75. How long is a full medical valid?
  76. Ielts
  77. ITA Submission and Change of Residential Address
  78. WTR questionaire !!
  79. About sending passport to get blue sticker
  80. Requirements to get PR whilst in skilled employment
  81. Baby coming soon !!
  82. My ITA
  83. Need more info on New policy
  84. Verification Finished..!
  85. How much Income required for PR?
  86. What is the new Immigration Law change in Nov 2010? Could someone explain about it?
  87. Confusion!
  88. London job offer - does this impact chances of getting NZ PR?
  89. Returning of Original Documents
  90. An advice is required.
  91. Moving application offshore
  92. after approval in principle
  93. Extension in date of submission of documents for ITA
  94. what next can i expect
  95. What are my chances of getting PR?
  96. IELTS submission delay
  97. Onshore timeline
  98. Passport expiration and Spouse name change
  99. PR,WorkPermit/Visa time lines
  100. Just an idea...
  101. P.R Approved
  102. Hi to all
  103. Help - Interview
  104. What to do if I need to extend my RRV?
  105. How long the processing times at Christchurch branch?
  106. after the interview
  107. Approved in principle finally
  108. Processing time for Singapore applications
  109. The misterious date on the Immigration Medicals
  110. We're in
  111. Child Medical Condition, Need Your Expert Advice!
  112. Character waiver
  113. ITA Lodgement but NO Confirmation
  114. Critical Factors for obtaining PR
  115. calling Parents? what to do?
  116. How long since you send it to show up in their web page?
  117. ITA what?!
  118. permanent residence received.over and out!!
  119. How do they count the 4 months?
  120. Change of Mailing Address while on Waiting Stage
  121. For Invited to Apply applicants living in Singapore, where to send the Application?
  122. Collating work experience documents for ITA
  123. Interview successful! Thank you for interview questions and guidance!
  124. HELP!!!! Alkaline Phosphatase high
  125. Aside from Bangkok, Is it only Shanghai and Beijing accepting applications from SG?
  126. Can I get PR?
  127. Are High Liver Test Levels a Guaranteed Fail with NZ Immigration?
  128. IELTS report expired in ITA duration
  129. it really is happening now.
  130. Ita approved
  131. How Quick!
  132. Please could somebody help me urgently
  133. Desperately Need Your Help/Suggestions
  134. How will a mistake in my EOI now affect my ITA
  135. I have just received ITA
  136. What do they check on the medical? + How do you get a police check?
  137. A white American nurse's Kiwi migration experience
  138. Medical assessors
  139. TOEFEL Scores in place of IELTS
  140. The best answer that will make CO satisfied
  141. Approved
  142. some forms returned from ITA
  143. Application declined
  144. to motherBeer
  145. job Opportunities in NZ
  146. I need friends from New zealand
  147. Online status of ITA application not visible on INZ website
  148. ITA submitted
  149. Visa officer / Case officer
  150. WTR - Music Teacher (Private Tuition)
  151. "WTR is the biggest scam the (NZ) immigration has ever thought of"
  152. Help - Passport
  153. who do i make cheque out to
  154. Help request again?
  155. ITA Submitted !!!
  156. ITA help please
  157. Application is 'Likely to be declined'
  158. Ita lodgement date?
  159. 3 questions regarding WTR
  160. MoveToNZ's Licensed Immigration Adviser
  161. haven't declared driving offence...
  162. Passport question
  163. Ita submitted
  164. Job description change and no longer skilled!!
  165. Driving without due care & attention
  166. Medical Waiver - the consequences
  167. What sort of illness/disease is considered not acceptable?
  168. How long between Application Received and Lodgement date?
  169. WTR shattering hopes, dreams?
  170. How long before full residence?
  171. Approved in Principle - Skilled Immigrant Category (my case timeline)
  172. Residence Visa approval notification ?? (Skilled Immigrant)
  173. do not meet the minimum standard of English
  174. What kind of interview?
  175. applicant may feel comfortable
  176. ITA submission from Singapore
  177. ITA-Evidence for Full time/Part time employment
  178. confirming work experience on ITA
  179. Applying for residence
  180. Police certs uk
  181. Police checks
  182. to motherbear,a question
  183. Ita pack arrived today,can,t believe it,that,s quick
  184. ITA Submission
  185. ITA dependency on Points claimed
  186. Am i in the wrong direction afterall this? what can i do?
  187. NZQA and ITA Querry
  188. Approved in Principle, YEAH!!
  189. Blood tests for medical
  190. Medical has expired
  191. ? To delay ita
  192. India Processing time frames for Skilled Migrant Category
  193. Medicals
  194. Proof of Recognized Qualification
  195. After CO is allocated?
  196. ITA submission delay !!!
  197. Too fat to go?
  198. Approved in principle at long last
  199. How fussy are INZ about translations?
  200. Alloted time to be in NZ once approved
  201. Case officer is just silent after interview
  202. Certified Copy Documents
  203. Temporary work permit, still waiting for PR : do we still need to work 3 months here
  204. Darn police clearances ARGH!
  205. ITA Submitted - return to home country
  206. Proof of English Proficiency aside from IELTS
  207. ITA processing date range in Beijing branch
  208. Drama, drama, drama...
  209. Job Offer...Not primary applicant
  210. Skilled Migrant - WTR
  211. ITA Lodge question?
  212. Pls advise if the test result need to be enclose with the medical exam....
  213. Question about medical exam...pls help
  214. interview results taking forever
  215. Is it possible to visit only principle applicant?
  216. Case officer and branch location
  217. Questions about ITA...pls help
  218. ITA Woes/Misplaced.
  219. EOI accepted. Should I continue?
  220. What do you think?
  221. to ita or not to ita?
  222. Case Officer
  223. ITA Questions
  224. Can i leave NZ while ITA processing?
  225. Proof of ID
  226. EOI got selected from the pool…what the next step is…Pls help
  227. what happens next?
  228. Repeat medical from INZ
  229. Work History
  230. Validity of Work to Residence Visa
  231. Has anyone received PR without visiting NZ first?
  232. Work to residence and ITA timelines?
  233. Rrv
  234. 18A condition attached on my visa or not
  235. Money in your Bank Account
  236. I am a NZ resident!
  237. How long after interview?
  238. updates on Delhi branch ?
  239. partnership interview questions
  240. Expensive an time consuming
  241. Medical Tests: Urine Test
  242. Panel doctors in USA
  243. Stay in NZ while processing ITA?
  244. Any idea about ITA ??
  245. No case officer
  246. Primary School Teacher
  247. Claiming points under identified future growth area
  248. Anyone who has been declined PR?
  249. Booklet - New Zealand: the Facts
  250. Interview - How to prepare