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  1. EOI selection
  2. Need help for EOI- Qualificattion
  3. Hi all
  4. help me please in skilled migrant category ....
  5. Will my BS in IT be recognized as qualification for Fitter (General)?
  6. Experience in multiple domains
  7. I have started filling mt EOI Form - any help or advice - From Jordan
  8. Qualification Pre-assessment
  9. Before EOI. I need some help with calculations work exp.
  10. EOI with 120 points.
  11. Justice of the Peace, a lawyer, a notary public
  12. Changes to SMC - no nurses!!!
  13. ACCA Help
  14. Claiming points for working for a US company - or skating by with just enough points?
  15. Chances of EOI Acceptance with 125 Points (including 25 Bonus points)
  16. please help me!
  17. residency??
  18. EOI into the pool without work exp in LTSSL???
  19. Building Contractors and EOI?
  20. Considering the move again
  21. need help for filling EOI
  22. Need Help regardign EOI
  23. New to EOI - Pakistan
  24. Claiming Bonus Points - Need Advise
  25. Question?
  26. What should i do
  27. Evidence of 'childs' dependance?
  28. Do I need to change my work visa?
  29. Have WTR-Visa from Acredited Employer! Can submit EoI?
  30. LTSSL: Can I claim bonus points for qualifications (when not claiming for job)
  31. EOI verification branch office.
  32. Doubt in filling Expression of Interest Online
  33. OnWorking Holiday Visa/Already working in LTSSL job - submitting EOI
  34. Made a Mistake in EOI
  35. ISSL - what visa?
  36. Dillemma
  37. Identifiend Future Growth area
  38. Can I claim 15 bonus points for work experiences in area of absolute skill shortage?
  39. Personal Assistant
  40. Education points query
  41. Forgotten how annoying it is trying to find info on INZ website - HELP!!!!!!!!
  42. Academic qualifiactions
  43. Question Regarding Section B - Character: B13 'Charged with any offence'
  44. ODP/Anaesthetic technician - changes
  45. Changes to SMC - son's profession no longer listed
  46. Nurse from the Philippines, not registered here yet. Could they get in?
  47. ICT professional work experince
  48. Should i be applying for Residency yet ?
  49. Job title vs qualification
  50. Residency after working over 12 months on a WHV - Advice needed.
  51. A question about withdrawing EOI
  52. NZ work experience
  53. EOI declined - seeking advice
  54. seeking advice - humanitarian prog
  55. EOI Questions
  56. Need help to decipher INZ info
  57. help for a friend.
  58. submitted EOI
  59. Washington Accord accredited engineering degree
  60. Sailmaker
  61. Selected wth less than 140 points
  62. points for partial college?
  63. Christchurch earthquake- affect EOI selections?
  64. Ma in social work not as good as Ba in social work!!! Please read and help if poss!ht
  65. How long is a full medical valid?
  66. Name difference in Passport and Certificates
  67. Job offer/ sponsership
  68. PR & upcoming marriage
  69. have MS degree in Computer Science but BS degree is non computer sc. Am I eligible?
  70. Work experience and related qualification
  71. Age restrictions
  72. Valuable advice for EOI submissions
  73. Overstayers in NZ ! A detailed report !
  74. EOI Bellow 140
  75. How Long
  76. Any help or guidance with PR welcome? Very welcome!
  77. EOI Selected ... Next
  78. Many Questions from a first-timer
  79. Patnership visa
  80. skilled employment list confusion
  81. claimed for wrong points in EOI.Please help...
  82. can you sponsor your son if he is over 18?
  83. Tomorrow is the draw!
  84. Questions on EOI
  85. Wondering about INZ settlement assessment!
  86. Changes to LTSSL and ISSL
  87. Question on EOI about travel
  88. Question on Total Work Experience
  89. Expression of Interest (Can't Register Online)
  90. NZQA - Bachelor of Engineering Technology
  91. Work experience in area of absolute skill shortage
  92. Have you ever been refused a visa/permit for any country including New Zealand?
  93. Ask about points calculation in EOI
  94. EOI - Skilled occupation points?
  95. Unemployed EOI rules
  96. What doees this mean NZ $1 Millions for "Settlement Expenses"
  97. 20 Year old son - Can he be included on our family EOI?
  98. Didn't got through EOI Pool... Thanks INZ
  99. Our EOI was seleced
  100. Computer Engineering (Software) vs Compute Science
  101. Work Experience Questions?
  102. Is it worth using an immigration adviser's services?
  103. Is Indian BSC ( mathematcis, physics, computers) eligible for the qualification
  104. Help Needed for Main Occupation and Industry of the Job for EOI Application
  105. Counting Points for EOI - Help
  106. Confused with occupation for EOI
  107. NZQA Level 4 assessment
  108. Help! Would love some advice before completing EOI
  109. PR visas biased against people from developing countries
  110. Comparable Labour Market
  111. Just missed out a chance
  112. Nvq level 4
  113. EOI changed status after being selected
  114. Need Help -EOI
  115. EOI Selected
  116. Need Urgent Help
  117. Medical Documents help
  118. Few queries regarding EOI mandatory columns
  119. Help with EOI.
  120. NZQA pre assessment - "not able to be assessed"??
  121. Can I file my EOI by myself instead of approaching an agent?
  122. Where does Software Engineer fall?
  123. EOI - Bonus points removed for IT degree (Absolute Skills Shortage)
  124. MoveToNZ's Licensed Immigration Adviser
  125. Approved in Principle
  126. How long from EOI to ITA
  127. Basic NZ qualification
  128. just submitted my EOI !
  129. Should i withdraw PR application and resubmit?
  130. need some general info
  131. is it worth submitting an EOI
  132. PR Visa Rejected!!! And not even granted a WTR
  133. NZQA Qualification Assessment Level 4 - Help!
  134. Question re. partner working under other half's skilled migrant visa
  135. Multiple qualifications
  136. Verification of work experience
  137. welder 19yrs exp
  138. Two souls needing to see the light through the trees
  139. EOI Declined
  140. Parnertship residente permit status after break up
  141. NZQA Timings
  142. Would i qualify?
  143. About EOI
  144. Degree - Computer Engineering
  145. can somebody please guide us!!!
  146. yes yes yes!!!!EOI successful
  147. After graduation...
  148. EOI Successful!
  149. From Work Permit - EOI - PR - or maybe not??
  150. skilled employment question...kindly help please?
  151. PR visa and job offers
  152. EOI Successful - Qualfications Exemption Policy changes
  153. Doubt regarding section B12 of the EOI - traffic offence
  154. Family Section EIO
  155. How long before ITA
  156. should we bother?
  157. Comparable Labour Market - Multinational Company
  158. Do I need to submit an EOI
  159. EOI/ITA questions
  160. EOI - binned!!
  161. Claiming points for one occupation but working in another?
  162. EOI- Please help me..
  163. canuck looking to move to newzealand
  164. Partners Nursing experience
  165. EOI Questions
  166. Oh yeah baby!!!
  167. PAR said nothing..
  168. Ifs and buts...
  169. Question About Assigned Branch?
  170. EOI selected + LTBV submitted!!
  171. Question About US Degrees in Process
  172. EOI Selected - Now What?
  173. Residency_Timelines
  174. Is PAR compulsory for EOI?
  175. Future Growth Area
  176. Work Experience assessment
  177. EOI Selected - Waiting for ITA
  178. Online EOI
  179. Wife getting wobbly!!
  180. Nzqa
  181. comparable labour market OR an area of absolute skills shortage
  182. another question
  183. Eoi selected
  184. Please help : NZ Skilled Migration
  185. Interview done. Waiting for the final word - PR or WTR
  186. Reference Number for degree?
  187. After EOI accepted
  188. Job offer first?
  189. Migration Plan
  190. qualification help!
  191. Need Help with EOI online, please
  192. Got a letter stated that EOI got declined..Pls help what to do
  193. IT project management
  194. Need help with EOI
  195. Please help....!
  196. Before is submit my EOI
  197. help required on Pre-Assessment!!!!
  198. Ask the details about apply SMC but WTR
  199. Ask for IELTS exemption
  200. Where can I find the Future Growth Area
  201. Occupations removed from shortages list
  202. Waiting for PR while pregnant.
  203. EOI without Job Offer
  204. Which forms to fill out?
  205. Hi Any Advice Out There?
  206. Regarding : www.seek.co.nz
  207. IELTS which exam to give?
  208. Qun regarding my education.
  209. "The Skilled Migrant Category points system" Some Q .
  210. Awaiting registration
  211. certifying documents
  212. Recognised qualifications
  213. can i apply for residency without a skilled job
  214. Immigration consultants?
  215. Selection of criteria not met
  216. Can I apply for police report in advance?
  217. Paramedic in need of help.
  218. Is 100 points enough??
  219. confusion about identifying SMC skills
  220. Want to apply SMC residence
  221. Timing Issues. HELP!
  222. Can i apply for work permit while the EOI/ITA/PR under process?
  223. submitting my EOI...do i need to pay????
  224. Very early days.......UK financial adviser qualifications???
  225. EOI, Residency and a change of circumstances. What then?
  226. Pre-assessment Result (PAR) Application - Confusion
  227. E.O.I form questions re: taxation and social security number
  228. How many point I can get?
  229. Medical restrictions
  230. EOI GOOD Attorneys/Agents
  231. EOI - Troubles finding qualification equivalent
  232. Hgv
  233. Question from a confused Newbie
  234. Can i file my EOI once i finish my studies??
  235. EOI: When to start?...
  236. NZ Skilled Migration from Sri Lanka
  237. Free Assessment
  238. Hello all!
  239. EOI online and form 1103 EOI child supplement
  240. NZQA Assessment confusion ?????
  241. My Points and What's Next?...
  242. EOI: New Application Lodging / 1st Time User
  243. Is this right? I'm a bit stuck!
  244. Qualification Pre-assessment
  245. EOI - 100 points
  246. Is Tourist Visa logical for the first step to have working Visa.
  247. Skilled migrants?
  248. EOI claim points for NZQA qualification
  249. Teacher wanting to move to NZ. What exactly is the process?
  250. Sample EOI