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  1. 2016/17 changes to immigration policy
  2. Migration Planners Employment support and making the move a reality
  3. Live NZ webinar Tuesday 21st March 2017
  4. Immigration advisor recommendation
  5. Spouse proof
  6. Any advice appreciated x
  7. CO Assignment!
  8. Business Entrepreneur visa
  9. Sponsoring dependent sister and mother
  10. SMC Visa interview over on 06.10.15 How much time for decision ?????
  11. Smc approved. What's next
  12. WTR Talent Visa (Accredited Employer)
  13. Dependant 23 yr old joining us in nz
  14. Medical certificates about to expire before the ITA deadline. We need advice
  15. Webinar - ICT JOBS in NZ - 11th of March 2014
  16. CV's styled for the New Zealand Job Market
  17. please help :(
  18. Justice of the Peace, a lawyer, or a notary public
  19. Children joining me in NZ
  20. Help to make a decision to stay in Chch, in NZ, or not here at all
  21. Car Insurance on a trip back to the UK
  22. Permanent Resident Visa
  23. How Much Do Kiwis Earn?
  24. Visitor Visa length of staying
  25. US Attorney near Wanaka/Queenstown?
  26. Moving to NZ soon hopefully!
  27. Tourist visa problems.
  28. Female friends Christchurch
  29. Hi all the way from Spain
  30. Are the accommodation in Backpackers safe ?
  31. Visit Visa to Work Visa under Partnership
  32. would like girlfriend to join me in nz
  33. random question about holiday parks and RVs...
  34. Which Type of Visa should I apply for before my visit Visa expire :) Need help Please
  35. enlighten a newbie in need :)
  36. Best way to bring Girlfriend to NZ ?
  37. No longer meeting the minimum income criteria
  38. Does SMC Point based system changes?
  39. MB has her stickers
  40. Residency partner, correct meaning
  41. NZ Visit Visa - Partnership Sponsored.
  42. Spouse visa
  43. Immigration of spouse - query re courier / return courier to NZ House, London
  44. Assessment report on Hep B and medical waiver
  45. Advice Needed
  46. Processing Time Frame for Residency from Work (Skilled Migrant Category)
  47. Processing Time Frame for Residency from Work (Skilled Migrant Category)
  48. EOI Verification Time
  49. nearly there
  50. Medical assesors
  51. US Self-Employment tax - Reducing or declaring as tax credit?
  52. Help needed - SMC visa advice, timings gone awry!
  53. Please Help-Residency Visa Advice
  54. Medical deficiency... Interview done already.
  55. In law moving to NZ and I'm worried about finances
  56. Can I claim 15 bonus points for work experiences in area of absolute skill shortage?
  57. UK Kindle in NZ
  58. Centenarian immigrant arrives in NZ
  59. Family Sponsored Visa Question
  60. How to go about getting residency with my partner?
  61. Wanting To Be With My Partner.
  62. Travel isurance to Australia or anywhere else as a non resident of NZ
  63. Huge thank you
  64. Changes to fees for applications submitted outside NZ
  65. Now we have our PR and are no longer casuals
  66. In big trouble right now !!
  67. Can you advice on what this response mean?
  68. Can you advice on what this response mean?
  69. How long does it take to receive a partner visa?
  70. Changes affecting students
  71. Changes to the SMC from 25th July 2011
  72. Woman faces boot despite NZ family
  73. Anyone speak Maori?
  74. Visitors Visa - is there a limit to how often this can be used?
  75. Mother's health
  76. please help me letter from CO
  77. Entrepeneur Status via LTBV
  78. job registration (secondary teacher)... need help
  79. Work Permit/Temporary Entry Visa
  80. Schooling in NZ?
  81. Calling all Dunedin residents
  82. fake email delaying my partner work visa case..
  83. Visiting NZ soon
  84. "Need Help About Student Visa file reviewing"
  86. RWC for England Fans in Dunedin!
  87. Got Level 6 ??
  88. Find a job and then move?
  89. Questions on environmental and eco jobs
  90. A decision has been recommended and the file is with the senior officer for review.
  91. Carrying criminal record back to the UK
  92. pronunciation of everything :?
  93. partner visa from new delhi
  94. Advice for lodgement of applications by customers who would usually apply to Chch
  95. Further interim visas for foreign nationals affected by the earthquake
  96. residence -permanenr residency
  97. Getting a teaching qualification in nz
  98. A Collection of Articles all about emigrating to New Zealand
  99. Work Visa under Partnership and broke up
  100. Video Tab
  101. Possibility?
  102. Job Possibilities
  103. Application for PR or Work Permit?
  104. Is tesol recognised as a teaching qualification in nz?
  105. Teaching in nz
  106. Living in hotel with my lover
  107. Residency under partnership!
  108. Is this enough money to live on??
  109. Sponsoring parents
  110. Sponsoring Parents?
  111. Happy Christmas!
  112. Immigration Consultant
  113. New Zealand Immigration Via Education
  114. Moving from Aus to NZ
  115. We finally made it!
  116. What salary?
  117. I'm going to be a citizen!!!
  118. School admission in NZ
  119. Immigration New Zealand website unavailable 28 and 29 November
  120. Indefinite PR?
  121. Applying for dependent visa under the "family stream"
  122. Provisional teacher registration leading to residency
  123. Notice of forthcoming changes in the Immigration Act
  124. Decision Time Frame After Telephonic Interview - BEIJING BRANCH
  125. i want more informations
  126. new passports
  127. Moving back to NZ with foriegn wife & children after 10yrs in UK.
  128. Non-resident father to NZ resident immigration enquiry.
  129. New Processing Time for PR under Partnership?
  130. Come back to NZ with new passport
  131. PR application police cert
  132. Is it necessary to change my last name to apply work-parntership visa
  133. Labour market check
  134. Auckland VS Wellington - Transport..
  135. cheaper accomodation..need help
  136. Short Term/Long Term Stay Advice?
  137. Changes to fees due to rise in GST
  138. Immigration revamp puts bigger load on sponsors
  139. Curious if i still need a job offer if i apply work-partnership visa...
  140. Early Childhood dilema - please help
  141. Desperate for help - Working permit/partnership
  142. What to pack in the container- whats important...
  143. Do you think They will issue me visa
  144. Portuguese or Spanish speakers?
  145. Points for Work experience?
  146. Devonport... The Most Expensive Place To Live in Auckland, New Zealand
  147. OMG! Where, exactly, do I start?!
  148. what next
  149. Now we are back in the UK
  150. New to Auckland!
  151. Police Certificate for PR after alreday submiting one for work visa
  152. Work visa for spouse
  153. Fingerprinting services
  154. permanent residency expiry date??!
  155. Interim visas for migrants launched
  156. We have paid our migrant levy
  157. A big thankyou
  158. Power/MacBook?
  159. Changes to Citizenship rules
  160. Dependant Visa for partner and children
  161. I have WTR visa and 3 months of Skilled Employment
  162. RRV when PR applicant meets minimum stay but partner does not?
  163. Newly Registered Teacher!
  164. Shortfall in migrants could cost NZ economy 'over $1b'
  165. Changes to Operations Manual coming
  166. Immigration relaxes entry rules for child students
  167. Residency
  168. Residency Medical Issue
  169. Help Needed.......
  170. the job search!!!!!!
  171. NZQA Costs
  172. valuables?
  173. $1K CAD Spent .. Now The Wait Begins..
  174. Other ways to move to NZ (Without Vista)??
  175. Medical waiver for breast cancer??
  176. sponsorship forms...please help. :(
  177. evidence not returned
  178. Kids Education
  179. Working in NZ from England with criminal record.
  180. Who wants to teach writing to adults?
  181. Any TEACHERS On Here?
  182. Full Medical
  183. Do I need PR AND Work visa if married?
  184. How long to process with job offer??
  185. Permanent residence/Work permit-Partnership Category
  186. accepted ye haa
  187. Residence application or Work Permit extension???
  188. I live in america, g/f lives in auckland. Want to get married there but need advice
  189. temp or perm?
  190. Which ones for me
  191. F 35, just moved to NZ from UK and not settled
  192. whoopsie! made a baby while working overseas ... now what?
  193. Why New Zealand is a lifestyle superpower
  194. Visa chance snapped up
  195. Fee changes for applicants from outside NZ
  196. Residency under Partnership !!
  197. partner work permit visa expire in 2 months...
  198. Migrant adviser law starts today
  199. Desperate - want to stay, unsure of options
  200. PR under partnership
  201. anyone know if you can withdraw an application
  202. residency under partnership
  203. Nursing in a multi-cultural society
  204. New Silver Fern Job Search Policy
  205. badly need help...visit visa or work permit?????????
  206. Must not take up permanent employment
  207. How difficult?
  208. How long must we stay
  209. in a minefield!
  210. From Canada to NZ?
  211. International phone calls
  212. cost living in NZ
  213. kids schooling
  214. In deep trouble
  215. Been a While
  216. Future in new zealand as a physicist(medical)
  217. Permanent residency for wife/kids of Kiwi?
  218. What's wrong with everyone?
  219. Nursing Registration
  220. work visa
  221. Not sure what to make of this...
  222. Finding rented accommodation with a dog
  223. Applying for residency under partnership question
  224. March 2010 Quarterly Global Visa and Permit Survey
  225. Hi i need some help
  226. Residency under partnership...
  227. partnership and visa help needed
  228. The waiting game.....
  229. Selection statistics
  230. Info on NVQ level 3 and 4 qualifications
  231. Advice wanted for single parent stroke nurse
  232. Happy Birthday Beth
  233. Auckland rain
  234. Visiting NZ
  235. Help appricated for visitor's visa under family category...
  236. Visitor Visa ??
  237. Applying For Residency
  238. Which Branch for HK Residents
  239. 50.000 NZ$ in Auckland
  240. Visitors permit into students permit
  241. Went on Holiday to NZ...
  242. Do I need to apply for another RRV?
  243. Long Term Skill Shortage List (LTSSL) biannual review 2009
  244. Would-be migrants facing two-year wait
  245. Young and highly-skilled get new pathway to citizenship
  246. internal qualification assessment
  247. Just Submitted NZQA, Several Queries Now!!
  248. Ashes
  249. confussed about moving our things???
  250. Eoi been selected